Reliable, productive and comfortable to work with

The handheld drills in Atlas Copco’s wide range are of the highest quality and built to provide consistent reliability and performance in a wide range of applications.

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Versatile aerospace assembly

Atlas Copco’s EBB26 battery drill provides access to places on the line once unreachable. Its cordless freedom enables movement without restriction and reduces safety hazards on the production floor.

Smart, ergonomic drilling

The EBB26 battery drill is intuitive, offering operators essential feedback through an HMI screen, eliminating errors while increasing productivity and hole quality. Your operators can work harder and achieve more while remaining safe and comfortable. With five different RPM settings, the EBB26 ensures the right speed for every material.

Comfort and effectiveness

Atlas Copco tappers are designed for tapping and thread-cleaning operations with thread taps. The tools are fitted with a tap chuck as standard.

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Advanced Drilling Unit PFD 1100 product photo
Advanced Drilling Unit PFD 1100One tool for all aerospace applications286 Models
Advanced Drilling Unit PFD 1500 product photo
Advanced Drilling Unit PFD 1500Your best choice for drilling with added modularity33 Models
Angle Pneumatic Drill LBV product photo
Angle Pneumatic Drill LBVOne drill, multiple applications50 Models
Battery Drill EBB26 product photo
Battery Drill EBB26Cordless drill with operator feedback and improved control9 Models
Micro Stop Pneumatic Drill LBS product photo
Micro Stop Pneumatic Drill LBSHigh-precision drilling, reaming and countersinking4 Models
Modular Drill Head BHM product photo
Modular Drill Head BHMDrilling made easy: many heads, one drill motor for broad range of applications40 Models
PRO Pistol Drill D21 product photo
PRO Pistol Drill D21Speed, power and accuracy14 Models
Pistol Modular Pneumatic Drill LBP product photo
Pistol Modular Pneumatic Drill LBPDesigned for operator flexibility6 Models
Pistol Pneumatic Drill LBB product photo
Pistol Pneumatic Drill LBBBuilt to provide consistent reliability and performance87 Models