STa 6000 Plus

Improve everyday tasks for Quality supervisors and operators

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Get better and faster quality checks with STa 6000

Quality checks are better and faster with STA 6000. Reduced weight and compact design make it easy to carry along the line. Thanks to the ergonomic features, the STA 6000 is easily and comfortably operated with just one finger. Setting up the STA 6000 is easy, just select the tool type with a few clicks. Invest in the STA 6000 from Atlas Copco. Its ergonomic design, powerful and easy handling, quick testing and clear visual feedback will give you faster and better testing operations.


Modularity - only buy what you need

The STa 6000 Plus is easy to upgrade - You do not need to buy a completely new model to add value. Simply add modules and accessories that expand the functionalities and create your own customized torque analyzer system.

Commonality cuts costs

The STa 6000 Plus utilizes the same modules and software as the STanalyser and STwrench, saving you money in your processes!

Clear operator feedback

STa 6000 Plus color screen features intuitive menus and icons. Feedback is clearly displayed thanks to the green or red screen, with the possibility to add a gauge indicator and fully customize information available to operators.

STa 6000 Plus

STa 6000 Plus

In assembly operations worldwide, there is an increasing focus on quality. Using sophisticated tools to tighten bolts is simply not enough. It is also important to monitor tool performance, and to test joints after they have been tightened. This is where the Atlas Copco STa 6000 Plus comes in.

The portable STa 6000 Plus is an evolution of the STa 6000. The device can be used to check tool performance, repeatability and accuracy for all types of power tools and torque wrenches. Test your tools in the tool crib following service, and continuously on the line, to monitor performance or test your joints by checking residual torque using our unique residual torque check function.

Highlighted benefits:
Improve everyday tasks for Quality supervisors and operators. Reduced weight and compact design makes the STa 6000 Plus easy to carry along the assembly line. Checking tools in the Tool Crib and on the line and checking tightened joints means quality guaranteed.

Portable and ergonomic

The STa 6000 is designed for easy connection to Atlas Copco IRTT-B in-line transducers, SRTT-B static transducers and MRTT-C wrenches. It is also easy to connect the STa 6000 to SRTT-L by specific cradle in order to have a compact complete solution. It provides automatic recognition and calibration and allows the operator to start a test with a few clicks - only selecting the tool type to be checked. The test setup is automatically created by STa 6000.

Quick programming

The compact STa 6000 with long-life battery weighs less than 500 g. No special device is required to carry the system it can be conveniently hung on a strap from the operator’s belt. The STa 6000 small size and features make it easy to use in the production line.

STa 6000 Plus - Basic

The ideal solution for simple and quick tests. The quick tool or joint check test can be launched with STa 6000 basic version. Up to 50000 results are stored in the device memory, traces can be seen with TT BLM if the software is purchased. No PC is required. Test conditions can be set up right on the device for each test. Color screen. The green/red color screen guides the operator for the tests.

STa 6000 Plus QC (Quality Control)

The ideal solution for operators requiring a complete testing solution. This version includes all the features listed for the Basic one, and additional others:

• Tools and Psets database
This is a list of tools you want to test (max. 1,000). It contains all information related to the tool, such as type, model, min. and max. torque, etc. The PSet defines how the test has to be performed with acceptance limits. A maximum of 1,000 PSets can be stored and 5 max. per tool can be assigned.

• Traces on display
Traces can be seen directly on the STa 6000 screen.

• Customized screen
The measure screen can be customized with all the important information to have them displayed during the test. It is possible to have on the measure screen information as Cm/Cmk values, sigma, last results also a graphical gauge indicator can be added.

STa 6000 Plus AA (Advanced Analysis)

All the features of the STA 6000 Plus are included in this version: Statistics, Cm/Cmk, graphs and X/R charts can be visualized right on the STa 6000 Plus screen.

Technical Specifications
Weight incl. battery (kg lb) 0.5 kg
Dimensions LxWxH 209x105x37
Environmental Class II
IP Grade according to EN IEC 60529 IP40
Ambient temperature 5 - 40 ºC
Atmospheric humidity 95%, non-condensing
Altitude Up to 2000m
Standard conformity 2004/108/EC, 2011/65/EC, 1999/05/EC

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