Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow - Coming soon...

We're taking our Industry 4.0 enabled assembly tools and solutions directly to customers to experience firsthand. Get a sneak peak in this new hype video for our Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow!

Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow - Stations

Product Specialist for QA, Doug Wendyker demonstrates our Quality Assurance solutions

Quality Assurance Station (QA)

We offer a complete range of products and services to support zero-fault production for our customers. Reduction in defects, in addition to less scrap and rework are some of the immediate benefits realized when partnering with Atlas Copco.

Wireless Freedom Station

Atlas Copco solutions enable cordless freedom, all while being fully connected. Customer values include increased uptime, improved productivity and enhanced human interaction with tool and data.

Superior Productivity Station

A wide range of Atlas Copco products and services uphold our core principle - Sustainable Productivity. Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow attendees are able to experience our products firsthand during each on-site event.

Powering Industry 4.0 - The Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow is set to tour North America

Modern manufacturing is quickly changing, as product life grows shorter and more complex than ever before. The industry continues to tackle the challenges of reducing defects, creating flexible production, improving quality, lowering energy consumption, and finding cost savings.

Atlas Copco’s vision of Industry 4.0, Smart Connected Assembly, aims to meet these current and future challenges of the manufacturing and assembly industries.

We have developed a mobile exhibit, taking our assembly tools and solutions on the road as part of our North American Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow.

If you would like to schedule a visit and see our Smart Connected solutions in action, click on the link below.