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Smart Connected software drives wireless assembly tools

Part of the Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow, the Wireless Freedom Station shows off our latest smart, mobile and flexible assembly tool solutions and software.

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Wireless Freedom station preview video

In this video, Atlas Copco Product Specialist, Robert Kaye discusses the Wireless Freedom station, part of the Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow. Topics include our Smart Connected wireless tools and Industry 4.0 technologies, the main component of Wireless Freedom, and our error-proofing technology: SQS - Single Quality Solution.

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Smart Connected Stations highlight our latest tool technologies and services

Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow - North America

Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow attendees experience our products firsthand.

Atlas Copco's brand new traveling technology exhibit that’s powering Industry 4.0, the Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow, is currently touring North America. The Roadshow’s main goal is to show customers our Industry 4.0 enabled assembly tools and solutions for them to experience firsthand, directly at their facilities.

The driving force of the Roadshow is Smart Connected Assembly, Atlas Copco’s vision for supporting Industry 4.0 manufacturing. During events, our solutions are demonstrated by Atlas Copco product experts. Customers are able to interact with four "Smart Connected Stations."

Product Specialist, Robert Kaye (left) demonstrates our Smart Connected solutions in the Wireless Freedom station

We asked Atlas Copco Product Specialist, Robert Kaye, some questions about the Wireless Freedom Station, which showcases our wireless battery tools and assembly technologies. Robert can be seen regularly on the Roadshow, presenting to customers during Roadshow events.

Regarding software, what is included in the Wireless Freedom Station, and what is the purpose of this station?

"The Wireless Freedom Station features several software platforms which help improve productivity for our customers. SQS, which stands for Scalable Quality Solution, is Atlas Copco’s Operator Guidance software. The software provides error proofing at the station level, showing the operator the correct tightening sequence, and also ensures the correct tool and tightening program are being used.

ToolsNet 8, another software we offer, helps our customers make intelligent decisions based on collecting big data and analytics to make intelligent decisions. You can find bottlenecks, errors in stations or lines, application performance, torque and trace history, error codes - there is so much information available to analyze and act on!" (RK)

What are some of the main values of these software platforms to our customers?

"Our software platforms work together to provide complete traceability, increased productivity, increased uptime and process error-proofing. Not only do these different softwares help find issues and fine tune applications, they help companies to manage their tools and processes with statistics, trace analysis graphs and live information.

Companies are able to utilize big data and know which stations to rebalance, once they have the data and facts they need. Our software platforms help facilitate this flexibility. SQS, for example, can handle hundreds of part variations – so that operators don’t have to remember all of them.

Another value SQS brings is operator guidance, which is especially helpful with employee turnover and seasonal workers – less training is needed since everything is documented and shown on screen in the proper order." (RK)

What are customers most excited about when they interact with the Wireless Freedom Station?

"Not surprising, SQS stands out as a highlight to many customers, as they are excited about onboarding new operators and eliminating printed work instructions. The pick-to-light feature is one of the first things they see, which tells you where to pick the parts or fasteners and how many. Even if you’re doing it hundreds of times, you can still forget." (RK)

Are there any particular quotes that stand out to you so far, from customers?

" “Wow! It shows you exactly where to tighten the bolts?” Some customers have never seen this before and only work with paper instructions. Digital operator guidance really dummy-proofs the whole process." (RK)

What are next steps for customers who are interested in wireless tools and productivity software from Atlas Copco?

"Customers can contact us to perform an online demonstration, an onsite demo or set up a longer term trial license." (RK)

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