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Smart Connected Spotlight - Quality Assurance Station

Part of the Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow, the Quality Assurance Station highlights our latest QA solutions for Industry 4.0 manufacturing.

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Smart Connected Stations highlight our latest tool technologies and services

Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow - North America

Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow attendees experience our products firsthand.

Atlas Copco's brand new traveling technology exhibit that’s powering Industry 4.0, the Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow, is currently touring North America. The Roadshow’s main goal is to show customers our Industry 4.0 enabled assembly tools and solutions for them to experience firsthand, directly at their facilities.

The driving force of the Roadshow is Smart Connected Assembly, Atlas Copco’s vision for supporting Industry 4.0 manufacturing. During events, our solutions are demonstrated by Atlas Copco product experts. Customers are able to interact with four "Smart Connected Stations."
Product Specialist, Doug Wendyker demonstrates our QA Platform 4.0 solutions in the Quality Assurance Station

Product Specialist, Doug Wendyker demonstrates our QA Platform 4.0 solutions in the Quality Assurance Station

We asked Atlas Copco Product Specialist, Doug Wendyker, some questions about the Quality Assurance Station, which showcases our latest QA products and solutions for Industry 4.0 manufacturing.

What is included in the Quality Assurance Station and what is its purpose?

Doug Wendyer demonstrates Atlas Copco's STpad

"The Quality Assurance Station has all the new QA products and software on it - QA Supervisor software, the STbench, STpad, STpalm, and IRC-Connect. Also, on the QA station are products that many people are already familiar with like the STwrench, STa6000 and IRTT ’s. Really, the purpose of the QA Station is to introduce the new QA Platform 4.0 to our customers." (DW)

What are some of the main values of our QA products and QA Platform 4.0 to our customers?

"Atlas Copco has taken the functionality from different QA softwares, improved upon them and created QA Supervisor. In this new platform of hardware and software, we have the ability for the first time to perform all QA tests using one common user interface to perform quality inspections. This is really the main value for QA Platform 4.0." (DW)

What are customers most excited about when they interact with the Quality Assurance Station?

"The idea that a quality inspector can use our STpad to take a picture of a product defect or collect a dimensional value with a gauge and then run the STbench to perform a tool check from one piece of hardware is a really exciting thing!" (DW)

Are there any particular quotes that stand out to you so far, from customers?

"One particular quote stands out, and I’ve heard this more than once: “We could really use this!” Customers that are in the Quality roles are really impressed at what we can offer with the new QA Platform 4.0. " (DW)

What are next steps for customers who are interested in Quality Assurance products from Atlas Copco?

"If customers are interested in learning more about the new QA products or having Atlas Copco visit their facility, they’re encouraged to contact us for a Roadshow visit or schedule a visit with their Regional Sales Manager and someone in the QA team. We would be happy to see them." (DW)