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Station Spotlight - Smart Connected Services

Part of the Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow, the Smart Connected Services Station highlights our hardware and software service offerings for Industry 4.0 manufacturing.

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Smart Connected Stations highlight our latest tool technologies and services

Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow - North America

Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow attendees experience our products firsthand.

Atlas Copco's brand new traveling technology exhibit that’s powering Industry 4.0, the Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow, is currently touring North America. The Roadshow’s main goal is to show customers our Industry 4.0 enabled assembly tools and solutions for them to experience firsthand, directly at their facilities.

The driving force of the Roadshow is Smart Connected Assembly, Atlas Copco’s vision for supporting Industry 4.0 manufacturing. During events, our solutions are demonstrated by Atlas Copco product experts. Customers are able to interact with four "Smart Connected Stations."
Global Service Product Manager, Kevin Scott discusses our service offering for Industry 4.0

Global Service Product Manager, Kevin Scott discusses our service offering for Industry 4.0

We asked Atlas Copco Global Product Manager for Service, Kevin Scott, some questions about the Smart Connected Services Station, which showcases our latest service offerings for Industry 4.0 manufacturing.

What is presented in the Smart Connected Services Station?

"Besides presenting existing products like ToolCover (hardware support), TechCover (software support), and Tightening Services (Pro-Op), we spend the rest of the SCS presentation discussing data driver services as they relate to Smart Connected Services. There are several new SCS products planned for launch next year where the strategy is to go from reactive service and support to proactive service and support that will be targeted for mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and iPads." (KS)

What are the main values of our Smart Connected Services?

"For ToolCover, it’s tool maintenance contracts where the value is cost control, lower total cost of ownership and the fastest tool turnaround time.

Regarding TechCover and software maintenance contracts, the key values are system uptime, 24/5 priority support, training and product updates.

With Tightening Services, the main value is the new modular offering of Pro-Op (production optimization). The three modules align with our customer manufacturing phases for Design, Production and Quality. Each module has standard features and values to be easily quoted and implemented. Based on our customer’s fastening needs, there is an added value module to help define root cause and offer recommendations for continuous improvements." (KS)

What are some of the main values of our services to customers, as a whole?

"Uptime, productivity, quality, continuous improvements, cost savings, lower total cost of ownership, proactivity, real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance." (KS)

What are customers most excited about when they interact with the Smart Connected Services Station?

"Customers usually understand the other Smart Connected Assembly stations and now wonder how they can support the products. The Service station talks about different maintenance and support packages available in order to get the most out of their investment. All this with a focus on data driven services and how they will be used for future Smart Connected Service products, which will offer real-time decision making to our customer." (KS)

Are there any particular quotes that stand out to you, from customers?

"One particularly strong quote: “Data analytics, real-time decision making and predictive maintenance are keys to increased productivity and quality with maximized uptime.” " (KS)

What are next steps for customers who are interested in our services?

"Interested customers should contact their local Regional Sales Manager or Service Sales team member to schedule a site visit to present and discuss how Smart Connected Services can improve their manufacturing process. We’re looking for key customers to partner with to demonstrate and field test Smart Connected Service products before being launched to the general public." (KS)