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Superior productivity with Operator Guidance software

Part of the Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow, the Superior Productivity station highlights our latest assembly tools and solutions for maximum productivity.

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Smart Connected Stations highlight our latest tool technologies and services

Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow - North America

Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow attendees experience our products firsthand.

Atlas Copco's brand new traveling technology exhibit that’s powering Industry 4.0, the Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow, is currently touring North America. The Roadshow’s main goal is to show customers our Industry 4.0 enabled assembly tools and solutions for them to experience firsthand, directly at their facilities.

The driving force of the Roadshow is Smart Connected Assembly, Atlas Copco’s vision for supporting Industry 4.0 manufacturing. During events, our solutions are demonstrated by Atlas Copco product experts. Customers are able to interact with four "Smart Connected Stations."
Superior Productivity station

We asked our Product Marketing Team some questions about the Superior Productivity station, which showcases our latest assembly tool and operator guidance solutions. The team can be seen regularly on the Roadshow, presenting to customers during Roadshow events.

What is included in the Superior Productivity station?

The Superior Productivity station combines each of our electric tool products to highlight features that will assist the customer to increase their throughput while still focusing on outputting a quality product. From hand tools to fixtured tools, each system can interact with the others, allowing for easy transition of results in the instance where repairs may need to be performed.

What is operator guidance software?

Our operator guidance software provides step by step instructions on how to assemble the product in front of them. Whether it is a pick-to-light operation, manual assembly or torqueing process, our platform will provide the steps necessary to ensure a product is assembled properly.

What are some of the main values of operator guidance software to customers?

For the customer, it is very important that each part is assembled properly, not only torque-wise, but components. With operator guidance, those missing component issues can be nearly eliminated! Also, in regards to productivity, on-boarding of new operators will be nearly seamless. Training of the new operator can be done via the software!

What operator guidance software is part of the Superior Productivity Station?

Atlas Copco’s Industrial Location Guidance (ILG) system is represented as part of the station, which provides the operator with a specific sequence for torqueing the bolts or screws. It enables the tool when the operator is in the correct location and disables the tool when they are not. This provides confidence that the proper bolts or screws have been torqued and in the correct sequence.

What are customers most excited about when they interact with the Superior Productivity station?

Customers like the fact that there is no guessing as to which bolt is next to be tightened. The exact procedure is right in front of the operator.

What are next steps for customers who are interested in operator guidance software?

If customers are interested in learning more about any of our products, they can contact Atlas Copco via our website, or their Regional Sales Manager for further details or to schedule a visit.