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Part of the Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow, the Wireless Freedom station shows off our latest smart, mobile and flexible assembly tool solutions and software.

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Wireless Freedom station preview video

In this video, Atlas Copco Product Specialist, Robert Kaye discusses the Wireless Freedom station, part of the Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow. Topics include our Smart Connected wireless tools and Industry 4.0 technologies, the main component of Wireless Freedom, and our error-proofing technology: SQS - Single Quality Solution.

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Smart Connected Stations highlight our latest tool technologies and services

Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow - North America

Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow attendees experience our products firsthand.

Atlas Copco's brand new traveling technology exhibit that’s powering Industry 4.0, the Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow, is currently touring North America. The Roadshow’s main goal is to show customers our Industry 4.0 enabled assembly tools and solutions for them to experience firsthand, directly at their facilities.

The driving force of the Roadshow is Smart Connected Assembly, Atlas Copco’s vision for supporting Industry 4.0 manufacturing. During events, our solutions are demonstrated by Atlas Copco product experts. Customers are able to interact with four "Smart Connected Stations."

Product Specialist, Robert Kaye (left) demonstrates our Smart Connected solutions in the Wireless Freedom station

We asked Atlas Copco Product Specialist, Robert Kaye, some questions about the Wireless Freedom station, which showcases our wireless battery tools and assembly technologies. Robert can be seen regularly on the Roadshow, presenting to customers during Roadshow events.

What is included in the Wireless Freedom station, and what is the purpose of this station?

"The Wireless Freedom station features a full range of our wireless smart tools: STB pistol grip nutrunners, SRB Low Reaction Tools (LRT), TBP Pulse Tools and our Mechatronic smart, transducerized click wrenches. The purpose of the station is to show customers the capabilities of our wireless tools, and also that they can control many tools with one controller. There are no bulky, tiresome cables and all data goes directly to their plant network via Ethernet." (RK)

What are some of the main values of our wireless tools to our customers?

"One key value that plays a large role in our customers’ success is that everything operates on a common platform - our Power Focus 6000 controller. Less hardware is required (along with equipment and space), due to the controller’s Virtual Station capability - one PF6000 can control up to 6 tools. Fewer controllers means that fewer power and network drops are needed in your facility.

Wireless connectivity also increases flexibility when rebalancing your line - you are simply moving tools and accessories, not controllers, thus saving on installation and rebalancing costs. Process organization and safety are also key values for our customers, due to less clutter when tool and controller cables are not present. Additionally, highly dynamic tightening technology in our Low Reaction Tools allow customers to reach higher torques, replacing traditional cable tools while enjoying all the benefits and freedom of wireless tools." (RK)

What are customers most excited about when they interact with the Wireless Freedom station?

"A common sense of excitement seen by customers is their reaction to the combination of higher torque and low reaction seen in our Low Reaction Tools. Plus the speed of the tightening - the motor speed, pulsing, et cetera. The convenience of our wireless tools in general seems to generate a lot of conversation, versus fixtured tooling systems. Less restricted movements is always exciting!" (RK)

Are there any particular quotes that stand out to you so far, from customers?

"Not any one particular quote stands out, but a lot of customers are really surprised at the lack of a reaction in some of our wireless tools. Some didn't believe the torque value that was achieved with LRT. There’s a wow factor!" (RK)

What are next steps for customers who are interested in wireless tools from Atlas Copco?

"If customers are interested in learning more or having Atlas Copco visit their facility, they’re encouraged to contact us for a Roadshow visit. We would be happy to see them!" (RK)

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