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Products and solutions

Brands Within the Atlas Copco Group

We have a number of unique, individual, stand-alone brands offering multiple, exciting career paths. 

Drive Your Career.

Explore Opportunities.

Realize Your Passion!

What's It Like Working for the Atlas Copco Group?

By joining us, you enter a global and diverse group of companies where there are plenty of opportunities to grow and develop. The Atlas Copco Group has a wide portfolio of great brands, offering a big variety of interesting and innovative technologies and job roles to choose from.  

We believe that there is always a better way. This spirit drives us to provide leading-edge technology and innovative and sustainable products, as well as best in class service, to our customers around the globe. We know that people make it happen - and we are looking for people like you! 

Diversity inspires creativity, provides us with different perspectives on topics, and drives innovative solutions for customers' challenges and needs. Diversity brings new ideas to the table and helps us better understand our wide customer base.

Industries and Applications
Every day, across the United States and around the world, products are manufactured, facilities are constructed, critical bolts are fastened and all types of gases are compressed and turned into energy. This might seem like a collection of unrelated processes, but one Group unites them – Atlas Copco.

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