Unleash the power of Industry 4.0!

Smartphones, watches, medical devices, tablets, computers, car electronics and avionics are assembled with small and tiny screws. We call it low torque industries.

In the digitalization era of manufacturing and assembly, driven by Industry 4.0, it's crucial to embrace this transformation.

But how to do?

The answer is simple!
By combining the right tools with the right software and getting total control of your productivity!

And to illustrate and exemplify the potential value of Industry 4.0 for low torque tightening assembly process we have summarized the main 5 benefits in pillars. As a result, you get a Smart, Connected and Efficient assembly process! Reshape your low torque assembly process!

  • MicroTorque Industry 4.0 Smart Connected Efficient.pdf 678.7 kB, PDF
industry 4.0 for low torque

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Leandro Spinardi
Villum Hansson