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Dispensing system for final assembly

The SCA product line offers complete automated application systems for final assembly dispensing processes

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A typical system layout for glazing applications in final assembly

System components

System control

ASC 5000 system controller

SYS 6000 system control

In harsh production environments where adhesive systems have to perform around the clock, customers need high-quality systems that are easy to use. The SYS 6000 from our SCA product line is a preferred choice in final assembly. High precision electric shot meters, basic pneumatic meters or endless dispensing flow meters may be connected to cover a wide range of applications. To make operations even easier, the microcontroller-based SYS 6000 can be controlled not only via mobile or remote panel, but also through a browser accessible web interface.

Metering systems

SCA shot meter ADKE 6000 (10ccm)

SCA shot meter ADKE 6000 (10ccm)

When applying glazing applications with a 2-component adhesive, two meters are used. The main component is applied using a large volume meter, in this case a 700ccm from our ADE 6000 series. The size of the second meter depends on the mixing ratio; often a 60ccm or even a 10 or 20ccm meter from our ADKE 6000 series is used.

SCA shot meter ADKE 6000 (700 ccm)

SCA shot meter ADKE 6000 (700 ccm)

The electric driven ADE/ADKE 6000 shot meters cover a wide range of applications and are a perfect fit for the SYS 6000 application control. Heavy-duty construction for a long life cycle, simplified installation and maintenance, requiring only one single hybrid cable, and precise control with an accuracy of ±1% are some of the many advantages of this product. The 6000 series also comes in different versions to support a variety of application requirements such as cold or heated delivery with up to six heating zones.

  • Sizes: 10, 20, 80, 160, 400, 700, 2100 ccm
  • Max. pressure: 300 bar
  • Max. material flow: 88 ccm/s

Material supply

UP 1200

UP 301 pump for larger material volumes

A reliable and robust material supply increases production uptime and reduces maintenance costs. All SCA pumps are designed for a long operational life and to minimize stress on the adhesives and sealants they handle. For 2-component applications, the material supply is similar to the shot meter layout. Often a large capacity piston pump is used for the main component, while a smaller pump is used for the second component. In this case the main component is controlled by our HPS 5000 pump control, while the second component is managed with a smaller pump control, the PCU 5000.

SCA PCU 5000 pump control

Double barrel pump with SCA HPS 5000

HPS 5000

The SCA pump control HPS 5000 enables high-viscosity adhesive and sealant materials to be used as well as one or two component bonding systems. In the layout above, this pump control and the UP301 pump are used for the main component. The UP301 is especially recommended for larger delivery volumes and high viscous polyurethanes (PUR). This pump is equipped with an additional heating circuit, which prevents residual material from hardening on the piston rod and significantly extends the service life of the pump’s seals.

  • Capacity per double stroke: 165, 301, 1200 ccm
  • Barrel volumes: 20, 30, 50, 200, 1000 l
  • Up to six heating zones for high material temperature consistency

SCA PCU 5000 pump control

SCA PCU 5000 pump control

PCU 5000

The second component of a 2-component-application is often at a ratio of 1:50. For those small units a compacter and place-saving pump control comes handy. When working unheated and with low to medium viscosity materials the PCU 5000 is used. The PCU 5000 controls pump functions such as stroke monitoring, turning the pump off when a barrel is empty and transitions automatically to the second barrel when the first barrel is empty.

  • Capacity per double stroke: 165, 301, 1200 ccm
  • Barrel volumes: 20, 30, 50, 200, 1000 l
  • Compact design


Rotary Drive applicator

A special applicator solution for applications requiring fast speeds and lower cycle time is the Rotary Drive applicator. This technology is able to maneuver quickly around window corners without stressing material hoses and cable packages. Due to its 360° rotation of the nozzle a high precision and reliable glazing application can be applied.

  • 360° rotation of the nozzle
  • Easy access to the static mixer
  • Constant bead during hard edge orientations



Triangular shaped bead nozzle, ideal for glazing

To meet customer requirements for bead shape and size, a broad range of standard and customized nozzles are available. Ultimately, the type of nozzle that is selected in combination with the applicator determines the shape. 

  • A wide selection of customized nozzles for different applications
  • Robust nozzles crafted from high-quality materials for maximum uptime

Material hose

SCA material hose

Material hose

The SCA product line offers high-quality material hoses with impermeable internal coatings that are pressure-resistant up to 400 bar. Heated versions provide superior material temperature consistency.

  • Textile versions for flexible manual applications
  • Spiral versions for flexible robot installations
  • Polyamide versions for robust and lightweight robot installations

System options

Barcode scanner

To improve your production, we offer barcode scanners at our pump controls. The barrels have to be scanned when a barrel change is required. Scanning allows the pump control to make sure you have the right adhesive and also checks expiration date and product batch.