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Atlas Copco's history in South Africa

Celebrating more than 70 years of business in South Africa

Our history actually dates back to 1892 when a manufacturing company, Gebroeders Delfos, was founded by two brothers. The company manufactured a variety of goods including printer process blocks and electric lighting plants.

Gebroeder Delfos became well-known for its Delfos Jackhammer, which saw the business go on to specialize in rock drill spare parts.

In 1936 Delfos moved from Pretoria to Benoni, which was then the heart of the mining industry, where it went on to form an alliance with Swedish company AB Atlas Diesel in 1946.

By 1956 Delfos Ltd had become Delfos & Atlas Copco (Pty) Ltd, and some 36 years later the business had grown to 375 employees situated in 9 branches throughout South Africa.

Fast forward to 2017, we are now known as Atlas Copco South Africa (Pty) Ltd and have more than 1000 people within our employment with a strong footprint all over South Africa.

For more information about the Atlas Copco Group, visit our dedicated Atlas Copco History website.