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NGP+ series

NGP⁺ 8-1300 premium N₂ generator with PSA

NGP⁺ 8-1300 premium N₂ generator with PSA

The complete, fully automated on-site generator, offering a nitrogen purity from 95% to 99.999% with a best-in-class low cost of ownership.

NGP⁺ 8-1300 premium N₂ generator with PSA

Key technical specifications

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NGP⁺ applications in industries

N₂ is one of the most used industrial gases, and serves a very wide variety of applications. Therefore, the NGP⁺ nitrogen generator can be used in an endless number of applications. The generator can be used wherever nitrogen is required, such as:

  • food and beverage industry
  • metal and manufacturing
  • electronics
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • oil & gas
  • breweries
  • general industries
NGP 300+ controller

Advanced controller

The intuitive controller offers easy gas purity selection, a purity alarm, feed air monitoring and interception, and connectivity options.

The NGP⁺ offers from 95 to 99.999% nitrogen purity to meet your quality requirements.
NGP⁺ generators come with a pressure range of 4-13 bar, up to 300 bar with a booster.
Flows up to 2870 Nm³/h from a single generator.

NGP⁺ premium N₂ generator with PSA

Our NGP⁺ premium nitrogen generators offer the completest scope of nitrogen supply at the highest energy efficiency. Carbon molecular sieves guarantee premium nitrogen at the highest purity levels. Why buy N₂ gas when you can generate your own?

Protecting your application

By default, our NGP⁺ comes with an automatic off spec check feature. Nitrogen with a purity that is under the threshold you put in the controller, can never reach your sensitive application.

Protecting your investment

Feed air conditions are continuously monitored. When not matching the generator requirements, the feed air gets blown off before entering the machine, making sure your investment lasts a very long time.

Extra low load savings

Don't need 100% of flow all the time? NGP⁺ matches its air consumption with the nitrogen output you need. Enjoy up to 40% extra savings with our proprietary Variable Cycle Saver algorithm.

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Technical benefits

An NGP⁺ is delivered ready-to-use. Its complete set-up allows for automatic start-up and stand-by mode to ensure easy operation and to avoid energy waste.
Up to 80% savings compared to purchased gas
Enjoy a much lower cost per unit of N₂ compared to purchased gas or other gas generators. Best-in-class CMS utilization ensures optimal feed air efficiency and the lowest cost of ownership.
95-99.999% N₂ purity
The NGP⁺ offers 95-99.999% N₂ purity to meet the most stringent requirements. The purity of choice can be easily selected on the machineю
NGP 450 + nitrogen generator

NGP⁺ 8-1300 premium N₂ generator with PSA

Rely on your own N₂ supply
An NGP⁺ system is continuously available. Need more gas? Just run it longer. The NGP⁺ can also be combined with a cylinder or bulk gas supply system.
Ready for Industry 4.0
The SMARTLINK integration provides a simple but effective way to increase reliability, decrease downtime and identify energy optimization opportunities.


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