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Turbocharge your Operating Data Analysis

TurboLink™ marks the next step in service flexibility for our customers. Part of our GAS Connectivity™ suite of future-ready digital aftermarket solutions, TurboLink™ allows you to independently perform Operating Data Analysis (ODA) on your turbocompressor and turboexpander - then partner with our engineering experts to make the right decisions.

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Save onsite service hours and expense

When you initiate your turbocompressor data analysis with TurboLink™, you no longer require our engineers to be onsite. That means that you save on service hours and cut down on operational expenses.

Capture data independently

Connect, record, send. It’s as simple as connecting to the PLC or directly to the DCS, recording specific scenarios, running an ODA and sending the data to us via USB drive, SD card or WWW.

On-demand analysis

Turbomachinery requires engineering competence you can trust: our engineers will evaluate and analyze the data you send us and prepare a Report so you can take informed decisions.

TurboLink™: The smart turbomachinery data analysis

Why wait for an onsite service visit to check on your turbomachinery? 

TurboLink™ allows you to kick off the process independently by recording operational data of your turbocompressor or turboexpander - and sending it across to our engineers for further analysis and action. By making the first move, you reduce onsite service hours, cut down on operational expenses, and limit your carbon footprint.

TurboLink™ is part of Atlas Copco Gas and Process’ GAS Connectivity™ suite of future-ready, digital aftermarket solutions. With TurboLink™ we look far beyond just the data: we partner with you to correctly interpret data sets.

We share our expertise so you can make the right decisions. Because turbomachinery requires engineering competence you can trust.

Watch this video to know more about TurboLink™

Hardware features

  • TCP/IP Connection to local PLC / Bus
  • 50kHz sample rate
  • Analog Input: 8 per module
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Post event data for an RCA
  • Internal data storage
  • Internet connection possible (but not mandatory)

Gas Connectivity™ report

  • Transparent overview of operating conditions
  • Vibration analysis
  • Recommendations for maintenance, upgrades, and performance enhancements
  • Improved data/information in case of a shutdown
  • Incremental improvements in machinery towards “state of the art”


  1. Connect to PLC or directly to DCS system.
  2. Actively record specific operational scenarios/cases and run an Operating Data Analysis.
  3. Send data to Atlas Copco via a storage device (USB storage, SD card, temporary WWW connection).
  4. Atlas Copco engineers (at our facilities) perform an analysis, evaluate and analyze the data sets.
  5. Atlas Copco engineers prepare a Gas Connectivity™ report.
  6. Your team can make informed decisions based on recommendations in a Gas Connectivity™ report.

TurboLink™ keeps your machine running sustainably and at peak efficiency and take the next step in performing ‘data analysis’ flexibly.

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Turbocharge your Operating Data Analysis

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