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8 Series compressor range now Stage V compliant

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The introduction of Stage V has a significant impact on small diesel air compressors. With Atlas Copco's 8 series range, you don't only keep the benefits you are used to. We are even adding new features.

Discover all features of the new Stage V compliant 8 series compressor range

Compact power

The 8 series compressor are not only Stage V compliant, they are also 25% more fuel efficient. And the best part? You keep the benefits you are used to: a full PE hood and back baffle and most models still under 750 kg so you can tow them without the need for a special driver licence.


Enter the digital age

Intelligent controllers ease operation, increase utilization rate and boost energy efficiency. All this compressor data can also be accessed remotely through Fleetlink. All compressors with electronic engines (over 19 kW) have an integrated controller: the easy-to-use Xc1004 or the advanced Xc2003. The last one also enables PACE and ECO-Mode functionalities to consequently boost utilization and energy savings during idling situations.


Easy to use

All standard models under 750 kg for easy transport without a special drivers license, PE protection for increased reliability and resale value, service in under an hour for increased uptime. None of these known and appreciated 8 series benefits have been sacrificed with the introduction of Stage V.


Ready for action

The 8 series compressor is your construction buddy. The integrated generator increases efficiency on site as there is no need to roll in a generator for small power needs. In addition, the 8 series compressors are easy to lift, transport and maneuver, no matter where you need it. The single sheet reinforced frame with C3 certified anti-corrosion paint further protects your investment from the elements.


Ready to unlock the full range?

8 Simple Service Steps for 8 Series Compressors

The Atlas Copco 8 series: Our tow-and-go construction compressors, not only easy to operate but also easy to service! All you must do is follow these 8 simple service steps, which will take you no less than 60 minutes.


If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

A full range, all stage V compliant

small air compressor full range stage V compliant

A fully compliant Stage V compressor range

From 2 to 5 m³/min, with or without built-in generator, we have a Stage V compliant compressor for every air demand. Pick the size that is right for your construction site, tow and go.

Clean, fuel efficient engines
European regulations demand an update to Stage V compliant, clean engines, but we went a little further and selected only those engines that could bring excellent fuel efficiency. The result? A staggering 22% lower fuel consumption (some models and compared to similar Stage IIIa unit, at 75% load).

Smart Fleet Insights with FleetLink Connectivity

Stage V compliant small air compressors europe
FleetLink is an intelligent telematics system to monitor your compressor or entire fleet remotely, on all levels. You’ll have all the latest fleet details at hand, and will be able to make informed decisions based on the system’s recommendations.

You can track and plan your assets with data concerning  location, running hours, fuel level, battery level, engine data, and much more.

In the end, your improved understanding of the fleet utilization and performance will allow you to have a more productive fleet, save time and money!

Your machine’s details, 24/7 at your fingertips

Power Connect

Scan the QR code or enter the serial number to unlock a wealth of information

Power Connect provides you with split-second access to the technical details of your Portable Compressor. Making it easy to service and maintain your equipment.

  • Manufacturing and commissioning date
  • Warranty information
  • Spare Parts Book & Shop Online to buy spare parts .
  • Clear Technical instructions such as manual and instruction videos

A two-tooler with the best return on investment

Choose a compressor that can do it all. Our new two-tooler package teams up a XAS 58 (5m³/min) compressor with no less than 2 RTEX 25 pneumatic breakers, a dust collector and, optionally, a light tower powered by the compressor’s built-in generator. That is just one compressor powering almost an entire construction site.

Our iconic HardHat PE hood

Never change a winning horse, especially not if it’s a Reddot award winner. The HardHat’s polyethylene is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, indestructible and good-looking at the same time. The polyethylene canopy gives our compressors their iconic shape, protects the core components and keeps your compressor looking like new, even after a lifetime of heavy duty. Are you a rental company? Then you can make your 8 series blend in by choosing a special color HardHat.

Stage V, new digital controllers, connectivity,... What about those other known features of the 8 series? Of course you have those as well. Stage V is not a compromise.

Rodolfo Reimberg , VP Marketing Portable Air Division, Atlas Copco

What is in it for you?

  1. PE hood and back baffle to protect your investment
  2. All standard models below 750 kg so you can tow without the need for an additional driver's license
  3. Spin-on filters for quick service
  4. Lifting beam tested to take four times the weight of the machine
  5. Anti air lock system for guaranteed starting
  6. Three layer anti-corrosion (C3 certified) paint system
  7. Strong undercarriage made from a single sheet. The frame is also spillage free, as standard
  8. Starter motor protection system

Easy to tow, quick to demo

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