Solar light tower HiLight S2+

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Environmentally friendly

Zero CO2 emissions, zero fuel consumption and zero noise

Minimum maintenance time and cost

Product development with serviceability always in mind

Up to 6 tonnes CO2 reduction

Compared with traditional diesel-driven technologies

11 hours of autonomy at 100%

8 hours recharge

Dimmable LED lights

Features four 90W LED floodlights

2000 m² Light Coverage

Delivers an average of 20 luxes

HiLight S2+ solar powered light tower

The HiLight S2+ light tower is a user-friendly solar-powered LED light tower, which enables users to reduce CO2 emissions by up to six tonnes compared with traditional technologies. The innovative S2+ light tower delivers efficient, high performance, giving workers good visibility while allowing sites to increase their sustainability and comply with zero CO2 emission and noise regulations.

Extensible solar panels ​

Extensible solar panels

HiLight S2+ light tower, solar panels

The HiLight S2+ is a next generation lighting system featuring 4x90W LED floodlights to deliver 2,000 m2 light coverage. This light tower uses solar radiation as an energy source, providing silent and cleaner operations. The light tower is robust, easy to transport, and comes ready to use. The lights can be easily manoeuvred into place and solar panels set up; they are simply pulled out from the canopy and their position can be adjusted to best align with the sun’s position to achieve maximum solar yield.​ Batteries can be recharged with solar energy in eight hours. 

External power plug​

HiLight S2+ light tower, external power plug

HiLight S2+ light tower, external power plug

The new solar light tower provides autonomous operation where solar yield is greater than energy demand. And it provides light all year round. In cases where energy demand is higher than solar yield, for example during winter months, the tower can also be charged with Atlas Copco’s ZenergiZe energy storage system or any external power grid, achieving a total green and clean solution. Batteries can be recharged with external power source in just three hours.

Minimal maintenance and low operational costs

pop-up canopy light tower

HiLight S2+ light tower, pop-up canopy

The HiLight S2+ light tower has been designed with a pop-up canopy that allows better serviceability, allowing operators to reduce downtime. The tower delivers high efficiency coupled with low service cost, which enables customers to achieve operational cost savings and a quick return on investment. 

The light tower is extremely easy to work with and use as there are no external cables or refuelling required. Moreover, the system features an external control panel, and the lights have a dimming function to prevent light and energy from being wasted unnecessarily, which further increases autonomy.

Suitable for many applications

The HiLight S2+ light tower offers a robust alternative to temporary diesel lighting for end-users and rental companies operating in infrastructure, construction projects, mining, oil and gas, and event sites. Since the light tower works at temperatures from -5°C to +50°C and can operate reliably at high altitudes without derating, it is also ideal for remote work sites. 

Due to its long autonomy and steady performance, the HiLight S2+ can also work together with diesel-driven light towers, specially during long work shifts. When combined with this new solar light tower, traditional lighting technologies increase their efficiency and performance.

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Solar light tower HiLight S2+

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