Electric portable air compressor E-Air T900

10 bar / 150 psi - 25 m³/min / 900 cfm

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Electric fixed speed compressor

Atlas Copco’s range of E-Air compressors brings the benefits of electric-driven equipment to every possible workplace. No emissions, efficient and ruggedized motors, low noise levels and a plug-and-play design; you can take the E-Air anywhere.

If you have an electric power supply at your job site, you can save good money using electricity instead of diesel, depending on the energy prices. Emission-free and quiet, the E-Air is an environmentally-friendly and efficient source of compressed air.

All the components under its corrosion-resistant canopy are the result of time-tested technology, ruggedized for all weather conditions. Every E-Air range is designed for easy service, with extended service interval of 2000 hours, or 2 years, a spillage free frame and side drain plugs.

Silenced canopy

Tough, silenced canopywith corrosion resistantprotection ensures durability and performance even in the harshest environments. No dedicated compressor room or enclosure required.

Built-in aftercooler with filters

Reduces compressed air temperature andprevents moisture build up in air lines.

Easy service

  • Large doors to reach all service points.
  • Side drain plugs on the frame.

Technical data - Electric portable air compressor E-Air T900

Technical data   E-Air T900
Nominal effective working pressure bar (g) 10
  psi (g) 150
Free air delivery* cfm 900
  m³/min 25
  l/s 420
Sound pressure level (LpA) at 7m/23ft for 50Hz** dB(A) 68
Max. ambient temperature °C 50
Engine (WEG)    
Power kW 160
Voltage V 380/440/400/460/575
Rated frequency Hz 50/60
IEC efficiency   IE3
Dimensions and weight (skid)    
Length  mm 3378
Width mm 1190
Height mm 1663
Weight kg 2963

Total Responsibility Plan for your electric air compressor

Did you know that when you invest in service package plans, you can guarantee that your electric-driven portable compressor E-Air T900 can continue functioning as best as it could, and have reduced risk of facing wear and tear over time?

With our Total Responsibility Plan with extended warranty, you will get regular maintenance with original parts, a devoted expert service team, genuine parts and lubricants that were developed in-house and are perfectly compatible with your Atlas Copco machinery, and pre-agreed inspections with thorough diagnostics.

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Xc2003 control system

  • Warnings
  • Shuts down your compressor in case of emergency. The Xc2003 helps to protect your investment.
  • ECO-mode
  • IP65 rating
  • In-house design
  • Fleetlink telematics available as an option

Xc2003 controller (no reflection) compressors

Xc2003 controller