Paroil E, Paroil Extra, Paroil E Mission Green

Engine oil

Paroil Engine oils are formulated, approved, and recommended by our engine suppliers. Atlas Copco oils guarantee that the engines in your construction machinery will continue to run smoothly between service intervals.

Balanced composition

Releases excess heat efficiently, while maintaining excellent bore-polish protection to limit oil consumption.

Quality lubricant additives

Extended oil change intervals without loss in performance. Less time and money spent in changing oil. Reduced operating costs without compromise.

Compatible with emission systems

In order to comply with emission regulations, there is always an option in our portfolio that will be compatible with your other diesel driven equipment.

Pick the right lubricant

Every type of machine needs a specific lubricant, and that’s not all. To achieve maximum uptime, performance and equipment lifetime, the choice of lubricant will also depend on the application, ambient conditions, flow pattern and maintenance intervals.

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Engine oil matrix