Atlas Copco Diamond Discs are lased welded segmented blades featuring self-sharpening “wave” design of the high quality diamond segments, for fast cutting and prolonged life. They can be used to cut asphalt, fresh & old concrete or reinforced concrete, with maximum performance.


  • Laser-welded discs with high quality diamond bond 
  • Self-sharpening “wave” design of the diamond segments. 
  • Reliability and optimized cutting speed. 
  • Available for fresh concrete, cured concrete or asphalt.


  • High quality concrete consumables.
  • Have long lasting life.
  • Designed to fit each model to get optimal productivity in application.
  • Increase the productivity and reliability of both your Power Trowel or Cutting Saw saw and the concrete consumable itself.
  • Wide portfolio with the right consumable for each application.
  • Increase your productivity and reduce your cost of operation (time, energy, etc.).
  • Rely on just one source for all your spare parts and consumables, saving time and administration costs.