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Extended Warranty

Extend your peace of mind for up to 5 years or 5,000 hours.

At Atlas Copco we provide peace of mind by thinking ahead and excluding all risks in the long run. Our warranty is an essential addition to our service plans. To us, it just makes sense: proactive and correct service of Atlas Copco machinery should go hand in hand with an extensive warranty. And now, we take it a step further providing you the possibility to extended your warranty of up to 5 years or 5,000 running hours – whichever comes first.


That means the lowest possible risk of breakdowns thanks to regular maintenance and the use of genuine parts in itself, and even if they would occur: no unexpected costs as it is all included in your warranty. This keeps your Total Cost of Ownership to a minimum and keeps your uptime as high as possible!

Why choosing Extended Warranty?

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Minimize your Total Cost of Ownership

Get predictive control of your operational cost and avoid unexpected, possible breakdown costs.

Increase uptime and productivity

Genuine parts and timely maintenance as part of our Extended Warranty conditions will keep your equipment in great shape, resulting in the best possible performance and surpassing sudden breakdowns or potential production stops.

Optimize your residual value

A secure and proven service history increases the re-sale value of your equipment by 20 to 30%, since it ensures that the machine has been maintained and serviced correctly. The potential transferability of the warranty is also a huge plus when selling to second hand buyers.

Full unit coverage

Atlas Copco Extended Warranty has the same terms and conditions as your standard warranty. We cover all main critical components!*


*Exclusions include incorrect equipment use or abuse, malicious destruction, and parts that normally wear out. Please check our general terms and conditions for more information.

FleetLink Connectivity

Benefit from continued free access to our telematics solution ‘Fleetlink Connectivity’ during the complete Extended Warranty period, providing you 24/7 fleet monitoring, data insights and proactive decisionmaking.

Get your Atlas Copco Extended Warranty!

Extended Warranty is available for all Atlas Copco products. You can subscribe when purchasing your equipment right until your initial warranty comes to an end.

Extended Warranty conditions

  • Up to 5 years or 5000 running hours, whichever comes first
  • The same terms and conditions as our Standard Warranty
  • Use of genuine parts
  • On-time and correct preventive maintenance
  • Engine warranty according to OEM standard warranty policy


For all the legal and contractual terms and conditions please contact your local Customer Center.