How to restart your generator after the lockdown inactivity?

Do the 16-point check-up to ensure optimal performance

Your Atlas Copco Generator is made to work long and hard. And even when it has to stay inactive for a while – like in the recent lockdown period – it can’t wait to get going again. But before you turn the key to Start, do the 16-point check-up to ensure optimal performance.

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  • Measure condition of coolant with refractometer tool and PH Meter
  • Top up with coolant if needed
  • Adjust and test brake system
  • Visual check of wheels and tire pressure RE-check
  • Test emergency stop
  • Test condition of fuel injectors
  • Replace engine oil and fuel filters
  • Visual check of air filters and clogging indicator – replace filters if needed
  • Dust Clean or Jet Wash radiator/intercooler
  • Drain/clean fuel tank water & sediments
  • Visual check of the electrical cables and harness for damages or loose tips
  • Check condition of hoses and clamps for leakages or possible ageing
  • Check battery electrolyte level and voltage
  • Inspect and grease/clean battery terminals if needed
  • Check alternator main power cable condition and connection points
  • Measure alternator insulation
Now, you’re ready for a smooth restart! Once you’ve checked everything, perform a load test in 4 steps, each step adding 25% of load (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%). Need additional support? Please contact your nearest Atlas Copco Service Center. We’re ready to support you … on-site and remotely.

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How to restart your generator after the lockdown inactivity?

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