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Quality Assurance Process - QA Platform 4.0

Use our innovative quality assurance products and quality management software to eliminate the risk of high rework costs and ensure the delivery of high quality products to your customers.

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Quality assurance challenges in modern production

Fast data transfer

Resume the job from the point you left

Set up any measurement criteria needed

Time and costs saving

With smart connected tools, you can measure you results with accuracy and efficiency

STpad and STpalm guide the operator through the testing procedure, ensuring perfect results, every time.

The full traceability is kept including barcode, assignable causes and corrective action.

Improved testing speed – New STbench design allows for significantly faster tests, saving time and increasing test accuracy.

Managing and verifying - QA Supervisor is managing the Quality assurance process. QA Supervisor is installed on a server and can easily be accessed via a web browser. The software Quality Supervisor is the core of the solution – gathering data, delivering insight, and handing out tasks.

ST Pad, Quality Assurance process, non-torque applications, non-torque checks

Avoid data manipulation

Minimize the effect of human influence by reducing manual effort

Reduce the need of operator training

Human Errors

Minimize the effect of human influence and errors investing in technology that supports your operators.

Using STpad and STpad, the effort of manual inputs and human error are eliminated, digitalizing the complete process.

The advance guidance reduces the need of operator trainings and simplifies even the most complex tasks.

Automatization of tests using STbench secures the most accurate results and stable and reliable process

quality assurance process factory network bench test automotive

Increase flexibility

Perform simultaneous operations

Quick and easy traceability

Quality Assurance Process Optimization

QA Supervisor – optimize tasks that you assign to your operators. Make sure that only what needs to be done is done and always on time.

Monitor the process and take care of reporting. You can collect and manage data to eliminate related problems and reduce production defects.

Defective parts cause warranty costs and there are consequences for end-users as well as your brand image are a serious matter.

From scheduling to reporting QA Supervisor is a web based software, accessible from any device – always connected. It manages scheduling of the tests requested and shows status overview. The collection of data from all devices covers all the QA applications – and each user can work smoothly with a quality dashboard with personalized widgets. Even the reports are customizable to better meet user needs.

QA Supervisor requires one single installation to a server to be managed, this provides different advantages: - Reduce maintenance and IT costs - Each user can log in from any device connected to the network with user/password access

Quick and effective audits - Every single detail of the plant structure can be defined in QA Supervisor. It then keeps track of every change in the line setup. Reports are generated on demand and information is acceptable from any part of the factory.

Real Time Quality Dashboard enables overview of personal KPI’s through customizable widgets always updated in QA Supervisor home page for each user.

Quality assurance devices, increase uptime, quality assurance process management, STpad, STpalm

Prevent defects and reduce failures

Keep track of any changes for easy audits

Route cause analysis for Quality Assurance process


The key factor to reduce the failures is to plan and perform a structured Quality Assurance Scheduling and analyze data promptly, deeply and efficiently.

Every step of Quality check is digitalized and safely stored.

Identifiers High flexibility – add information at the beginning, middle or end of your quality check. Easy to handle products that get identifiers upon full assembly.

Non-torque checks are reported digitally to provide a full process reliability

Built-in camera – record any defects immediately, recommend corrective actions on the spot.

Keep user safe during measurement process

Reduce manual effort through Automation

Save time performing Simultaneous Operations

Synergies in the line

Your automated stations can be tested while the user can focus on other projects priorities, working in a safe environment.

You can deliver the highest test reliability and operator independence in latest assembly technology such as robot and automated spindles, thanks to IRC-Connect Smart transducer. 

With STpad or STpalm you have real time control over tightening results assuring high quality performance. 

Easy access to everything you need thanks to the portability of the STpad and the non-dependency of connectivity from IRC-Connect. IRC-Connect transforms your transducer into a smart wireless transducer. 

Data are safely stored, and the test is reliable in all working conditions.

Integration between QAsupervisor and production monitoring software like ToolsNet 8 enables you react promptly and reliably to daily Quality assurance challenges

highest test reliability, quality assurance process automation, quality software management

Quality Data Digitalization

Track and compare Data

Improve the process through trend reports

How to use data

Plan, program and perform your quality inspections wherever you are, accessing data in real time, checking results from any device with web browser.

Now you can take care of everything you need, due to the close synergy between STpad or STpalm and STwrench. Communicate with other departments and teams, share data and monitor real time line status. 

Collect real time feedback and results from the production line. Analyze, track and compare data through statistics and trend reports improving your process. 

Address specific tasks, define factory layout, including building, lines, stations and joints thanks to the unique synchronization with the Quality Assurance software QA Supervisor.

generate value from data, data digitalization, quality assurance data management

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