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Henrob innovative joining solutions

Self-pierce riveting

This innovative joining technology offers an unmatched capability to fasten aluminum and other materials quickly and reliably with strong, secure, self-sealed joints. Replacing pre-drilling or pre-punching of holes and spot welding, this technology also ensures a cleaner manufacturing environment.

Design and manufacturing

Henrob rivets and systems are designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities in the UK and US. Our plants are equipped with in-line wire processing, advanced multi-die forging technology, and 100% automatic inspection and packaging. Complete batch traceability exists, from raw material through to the packaged product.

Application engineering

Our applications engineers add fastening and assembly expertise to your technical team. After a careful review of your joint and installation needs, we will propose a complete fastener and tool specification tailored to your application requirements.
We also provide sound and rapid joint development solutions to optimize your rivet joint to best suit the application and ensure the desired outcome.


Our extensive global network in several locations, offers comprehensive local service and support.

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