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Smart Assembly Management System Dataflow

How to control the tightening process in your assembly station or line

Increase productivity with an effective tightening control software system that also traces and documents the process

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How to meet today's industrial production challenges?

A high number of products, variants, changing processes as well as rotating operators are today's production challenges in manufacturers' assembly. 
Some  typical tightening errors in the assembly process are
- use of wrong tools
- use of wrong sequence or parameters 
- or even missed tightening
If the production process is not properly controlled, data transparency and traceability are missing, low productivity and increased costs are the consequences. 

To reduce downtime and rework also secure high product quality, the implementation of a tightening control system as a basic step into error proofing and process control is key.

Why does a tightening control system increase your productivity and product quality?

Once implemented a tightening control system like Smart Assembly Management System (Smart AMS) you get clear insights into all tightening results. You discover critical stations where more defects are produced due to unclear processes and human factors.
With Smart AMS System you get
- Tool control with right tightening tasks
- Documentation of tightening process (OK/NOK)
- Visual feedback about tightening result via tool, stack-light, or operator panel
- Data collection and storage (e.g. in MES)
- Alarming in case of failure or emergency.

Tightening documentation

Traceability of the tightening process

User-friendly web-UI for system status

High flexibility and easy scalability

Simple integration to your MES and centralized configuration

Emergency mode and failure strategies

Scalable and easy workflow with Smart Assembly Management System

The easy-to-use Smart Assembly Management System (Smart AMS) enables a set-up without the need for industrial PCs in the shop floor area. Smart AMS controls the whole tightening process, while your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) drives all areas of the manufacturing process like production management and sequencing. Reduce engineering and maintenance effort using only one interface between Smart AMS and your MES to exchange build information and to send production results for the complete station. Thus, the scalability from one station to the complete production facility becomes extremely effortless.

Easily expand Smart AMS with further error proofing technologies

What happens if an assembly step fails and the product needs repair or rework? Support your operators in solving their repair tasks with zero defects: Add the software module SQS3 Rework as well as an industrial PC like the AC Node to a specific rework station in your assembly line to grant efficient, clear processes as well as storing all rework data to your build process. SQS3 Rework offers a clear target-actual analysis: Where are the faults? What needs to be done? With full step-by-step graphical instructions on the screen operators are guided to do all repair actions correctly using the right tools and parameters. Thanks to user identification only trained and authorized operators will handle the job.

You identify specific critical stations with a high defect or error rate?

Depending on what type of errors are detected while analyzing the tightening data, further error proofing techniques can support your operators in completing their tasks first-time-right.
Such features could be part-verification, pick-to-light, or exact bolt location to secure a given tightening sequence.
These additional features ensure optimal product quality, reliable assembly processes as well as full transparency and traceability.
Smart AMS can be easily upgraded with such features by adding SQS3 Scalable Quality Solution in specific critical or complex stations.

Tailored service offering for full secured system availability

TechCover Service level agreements for greater system availability and guaranteed response time.
With TechCover, our tailored Service Level Agreement for Smart Assembly Management System, you get greater system availability as well as guaranteed response times to issues
TechCover EPS service protects your investments in the error proofing production system and secures system availability as well as productivity.
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