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Screw feeder system

Atlas Copco’s screw feeding solutions give you a significant edge to maximize your production output and increase efficiency. Transform your business with our innovative feeding technologies and reliable driving tools to automate your tightening applications.

A higher target production output rate is the most common challenge for many assembly industries. For handheld applications, operator ergonomic requirements are steadily increasing to ensure healthy work for all the operators. And also to keep the product quality and production efficiency at the highest possible levels. Considering fully automatic stations, low reliability of the automation equipment can lead to loss of station uptime and impact production efficiency.

How to reduce production cycle time?

• Focusing on the tightening operation by removing additional picking tasks.

• Automating assembly process in a fast and more efficient way.

• Reducing human errors like picking up the wrong fastener or dropping screws into the final product.

How to increase the station uptime of automated systems?

• Maintaining a high production output from a long-term perspective.

• Assembling products in the shortest time possible.

• Maintaining and troubleshooting for minimizing station downtime in case of problems.

How to improve human interaction during continuous operations?

• Providing the right tools and technology to achieve maximum efficiency for semi-automated and automated operations.

• Maintaining and improving the quality of the final products with an ergonomic tool design.

Our solution

As part of the Smart Connected Assembly, Atlas Copco’s screw feeding systems include innovative feeding concepts with proven and reliable driving tools, connected to the Power Focus 6000 platform.

The technologies we use help industrial manufacturers to significantly increase the production output with the highest uptime and tool availability.

The station and the different components of the screw feeding system

SF36 Step Feeder

Maximizing uptime and productivity, while keeping your production shop floor silent is complicated


Our SF36 Step Feeders are designed for high reliability and maximum uptime while reducing environmental noise significantly compared to conventional bowl feeders. By using the step feeding concept to transport the screws to the sorting unit, damage to sensitive screw coatings are reduced as well.

Patented vertical wall

  • Lowers the vibration level of the inner components which results in less environmental noise and long predictive maintenance intervals.
  • Fewer damage on the screws and protective coatings.
  • Easy maintenance access to all the functional feeding components mounted on the vertical wall.

Plug and play separator unit

  • Unique design provides maximum uptime.
  • Easy removal of the entire separator unit without feeding track realignment during troubleshooting or maintenance.
  • Saves time and results in higher productivity of the assembly station.

Large filling volume for fasteners

  • Fill volume of 3L which corresponds to 7000-8000 M4x8 screws and results in low filling intervals for maximum uptime.
  • Step feeding technology overcomes lower performance of bowl feeding systems when running low on screws.
  • Intelligent sensors detect and notify before the system runs out of screws to avoid production downtime.

HTM32 Series Handheld Tightening Module

Mastering handheld applications in high-speed production lines with increased operator ergonomics


The HTM32 Series Handheld Tightening Module consists of an Atlas Copco driving tool with a screw feeder attachment. High productivity and tool uptime is achieved by using state-of-the-art concepts in feeding technology, hardened wear parts, and the highest quality driving tools.


With the available trigger options and the optional pistol grip, the handheld tightening module is the perfect match for both vertical and horizontal handheld applications.

Ergonomic handling in all orientations

  • Provides 4 different options for best performance in all applications.
  • Suits both horizontal and vertical applications.

Pneumatic bidirectional bit stroke

  • Utilizes a pneumatic cylinder for the bidirectional bit stroke instead of using slower spring return mechanisms with our innovative handheld tightening modules.
  • Allows tightening in all directions and enhances cycle times with adjustable intermediate stop position.
  • Intermediate stop position allows easier positioning into the tightening location.

Quick change mechanism for bit replacement

  • Allows quick removal of the bit for easy maintenance and troubleshooting with our unique front part design. 
  • Performs change within seconds for maximum tool uptime in your production.

FTM32 Series Fixtured Tightening Module

Excellence in productivity with lightning-fast cycle rates in fully automatic tightening applications 


The FTM32 Series Fixtured Tightening Module consists of an Atlas Copco driving tool with a screw feeder attachment. The innovative swivel arm feeding concept is designed to cope with the toughest requirements on cycle time and the integrated pneumatic stroke allows minimum center-to-center distance in multichannel applications.

Swivel arm

  • Saves waiting time by preloading the next screw in the swivel arm during the rundown.
  • Allows continuous tightening operation for maximum productivity.
  • Reduces tightening cycle time down to less than 1.5 seconds per tightening.

Integrated stroke concept

  • Provides fast movement and the smallest center-to-center distance for multichannel applications by the integrated bi-directional pneumatic bit-stroke.
  • Ensures maximum uptime and easy maintenance by the bit quick-change function.

Optional head-stroke

  • Reduces the integration efforts through a modular concept.
  • Produces fast movement for high-speed applications.

Easy integration to the Atlas Copco ecosystem

Screw feeding systems are now easily integrated into the Atlas Copco ecosystem through the Power Focus 6000 platform.


Our solutions enable you to significantly reduce costs associated with assembly tools while improving the productivity, quality, and ergonomics in the station; as well as providing the flexibility needed in today’s environment of frequent change.


Atlas Copco provides a full range of tightening tools, enabling you to pick the right tool for each application, with superior performance and ergonomics. We provide Total Workstations, including workstation accessories for operator interaction, Industrial Location, and scalable automated solutions.


Our solutions are complemented with a full assembly software suite for configuring controller set-ups, collecting and analyzing tightening data, managing quality assurance processes, guiding the operator, up to controlling the whole assembly process.


In addition, Atlas Copco provides a complete service portfolio supporting from startup to repair and optimization for maximum uptime of industrial assembly stations.


We aim to be present in all phases of our customer processes, it is all about having seamlessly connected products that are easy to integrate, provide a unique user experience and relevant data in real-time. This is what we call Smart Connected Assembly - Powered by data.

Screw feeder

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Screw feeder system

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