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The Tensor IxB platform delivers constant high performance with operator freedom

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Cordless freedom with cable tool speed

Current battery tool performance can limit productivity rates compared to cable tools. Tensor IxB tools have been engineered to give you cordless freedom and at the same time provide you with the productivity of a cable tool.


Complete more tightenings faster

In traditional battery tools, rundown speed is restrained because of the battery voltage, limiting the time to tighten the joint and thus the productivity level.  By reengineering our tools with a rundown booster, we improve the tightening speed, allowing you to increase your production output.


Maintain high cycle rates

Inefficient heat dissipation can limit cycle rates. The Tensor IxB tools optimize heat distribution allowing a higher production pace to improve your productivity. 

Improve your productivity with Tensor IxB tools

Shorten tightening time

Keep a high pace

Retain wireless freedom


Rundown booster

All Tensor IxB tools are equipped with a rundown booster, a device that boosts the battery voltage to run the motor much faster. This increases tightening speed dramatically.


Optimized heat dissipation

The Tensor IxB tools have an optimized heat dissipation system that cools down the power board and tool handle. This helps keeping the cycle rates at the highest level.

Improve tightening speeds

Tensor ITB tools have improved tightening speed by up to 30%, allowing you to produce more products per year compared to the previous generation Tensor STB.

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The Tensor IxB tool family is ready to be integrated directly into your production system, fully managed by the integrated controller without the need for any intermediate controller box. Reducing the hardware footprint on the line and enabling a transformation towards the Smart Factory and Industry 4.0.

Improve your assembly process

The Tensor IxB platform will revolutionize industrial manufacturing and contribute to the Smart Factory and Industry 4.0. Tensor IxB is a collection of tools that improve quality, profitability, and make production more efficient. The Tensor IxB tools are engineered to overcome modern production issues, enabling improved processes and support in achieving production goals..

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Tensor IxB

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