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Hydraulic Nuts

A measured and uniform method to tighten multiple bolts at once.

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Multiple hydraulic nuts offer a quick and accurate method of tightening bolted joints including larger diameters.


Includes mechanisms to remove the hazard of over-stroking the hydraulic rams.


Bolt load is applied axially to the bolt. Inconsistencies such as friction, bending and lubricant are not a factor when using Hydraulic Nuts.

How do Hydraulic Nuts work?

Case Study - putting the hydraulic nut into practice

hydraulic nut application

A customer had an issue with a nut on a cone crusher within the mining industry. These are known to have very long foundation bolts. The joint was under high and constant vibration, causing the nut to become loose and impact the stoppage on any operation, taking 4-6 hours daily to tighten the bolts.  They needed a solution which would reduce the frequency of these stoppages, and make the tightening process quicker, so they could continue with their operations as soon as possible.

As a solution Atlas Copco offered M64 X 4 Hydraulic nuts with a special coupler extension to clear the long bolts. Atlas Copco helped install and train the operators to use the solution efficiently, meaning they could minimize their tightening time, improving their process. Overall they reduced their tightening time drastically down to 4 Hours per week, saving the company time and money. Utilising the hydraulic nut, their productivity and quality improved which encouraged them to roll out more hydraulic nuts across several of their applications.

Top Collar

  • The Top Collar derivative is ideally used where the nut is sunk into a pocket or spot face. 
  • The load retaining collar is situated at the top of the hydraulic nut allowing for easy access by the user.
  • High pressure seal technology, offering 1000's of safe pressure cycles.

Bottom Collar

  • Applies direct axial force to the bolt generating a bolt elongation, the tension is permanently retained by the load retaining collar.
  • Designed to be as compact as possible in order to allow adjacent fitment on as many applications as possible .
  • High pressure seal technology, offering 1000's of safe pressure cycles.

What is the benefit of a Hydraulic Nut?

  • Better than a mechanical tensioner, with it being a quicker solution requiring less workload.
  • Using multiple Hydraulic Nuts on a bolted joint gives an improved uniform bolt load across all bolts on the flange.
  • Bolt load is applied axially to the bolt. Inconsistencies such as friction, bending and lubricant are not a factor when using Hydraulic Nuts. No torsional stresses is involved.
  • Multiple Hydraulic Nuts offer a quick and accurate method of tightening a bolted joint.
  • Bolt load is directly proportional to the pressure applied to the Hydraulic Nut.

All of our Hydraulic Nuts are uniquely crafted by our design team, please get in touch for quote

Completely customizable

Hydraulic nut 4

The hydraulic nut is completely customizable, and can be manufactured to any specific application.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team here at Atlas Copco will help guide you and create the perfect hydraulic nut solution that will suit your application. Design and manufacturing is controlled fully in house ensuring the highest quality and shortest lead times. We always work to achieve the quickest turnaround times.

If you would like to receive a quote or discuss a potential design, please fill in and submit a contact form and will be in touch.

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Get the best solution by working with our experienced team!

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What sizes of Hydraulic nuts are there?

With our design team, we can manufacture one specifically for you application and create a unique solution. Get in contact to see if one can be designed for you