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pfxc and tensor revo ha in field

Tensor Revo HA

The Electric Nutrunner Tensor Revo HA offers high-speed, high torque tightening in a safe and efficient handheld package.


Now with tool drive unit Power Focus XC, the best just got better.

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Tensor Revo HA is the most productive high torque bolting tool on the market. With a tightening speed 3 times faster or more than competitors, enabling huge time savings in operation.


The Tensor Revo HA is designed with safety in mind. The two-handed dual trigger ensures the risk of finger pinch points are minimized, addressing a common industry problem.


Combined with the tool drive unit Power Focus XC, you unlock the full smart capabilities of the electric nutrunner Tensor Revo HA. With the ability to program the tool directly from your phone and have full data traceability - in the field!

The best high torque electric nutrunner, just got even better with the tool drive unit Power Focus XC

data traceability for pfxc

A Smart, Powerful and Robust tool. In The field.

Alone, the Electric Nutrunner Tensor Revo HA is the quickest high torque tool on the market, with a tightening speed up to 3 times fast than our competitors. Now with the PFXC torque controller, the best just got better.


Designed with simplicity, scan with your phone and see eveything in a instant.

With no WiFi required you can logon to the controller with any WiFi device to: see tightening results, set Psets including the tightening strategy, speed and target torque. Also, with the ability to send the information to anyone in the world!


The Power Focus XC combined with any Tensor Revo tool supplies you with the ultimate Smart Electric Nutrunner system!

There is more than just one way.

Select the setup which suits your business best.

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High Torque Electric Nutrunner Tensor Revo HA

The Tensor Revo is the fastest tool on the market . Delivering high torques and quick results for critical applications.


Tensor Revo HA with Power Focus XC

When combined with the Power Focus XC, the  Tensor Revo is the ultimate tool. Powerful, smart and robust in the field.

tensor revo ha with pf6000 white background

Tensor Revo HA with PF6000 

When the Tensor Revo is powered by the Power Focus 6000, it allows connectivity with other tools and systems, such as factory networks, giving you live data when you need it.


The tool can operate at high torques.

3 times faster

than any competitor on the market.

16 models

A series of 16 models to choose from to suit your application.

The Electric Nutrunner Tensor Revo HA can save time, money and increase safety

Over $250,000 saved during wind turbine assembly

One of the world leading energy companies introduced the Electric Nutrunner Tensor Revo HA on their flanges, and due to process they saved over $4500 per wind turbine, by reducing the job time from 8 to 4 hours.

Their existing method was utilizing hydraulic torque wrenches, and simply was not efficient enough to complete the task at the speed the required. Atlas Copco were able to identify the issues with the method, and quickly helped implement Electric Nutrunner Tensor Revo HA’s 6500 and 8000 along with the torque controller Power Focus 6000.

Using a the new method, it solved multiple issues. The company no longer had to use multiple hydraulic tools high up in the tower, as well as reducing man hours to complete the connection. The company were also now able to collect data from the tightening, and complete 10% checks using the Revo.

Most importantly it reduced possible pinch point injuries with the increased safety using this method. Overall the company reduced the job time from 8 to 4 hours in total, while reducing the noise of the job in the process. Per turbine the company would save $4500 per turbine in crane and crew time. Per 50 turbines, this would ensure a $250,000 saving, which encouraged them to roll it out to several of their projects.

Technical information and ordering numbers

    Torque Range   Weight    
Model  Sq.Drive Nm ft.lb Speed RPM Kg Lb Length mm Ordering No.
ETP ST101-200-20-F  3/4" 60-200 44-148 396 5,2 114.64 303 8433230202
ETP ST101-300-20-F  3/4" 90-300 66-222 293 5,2 114.64 303 8433230302
ETP ST101-500-20-F  3/4" 150-500 110-370 186 5.9 131.55 334 8433230502
ETP ST101-750-25-F 1" 225-750 165-550 132 6.2 138.24 353 8433230752
ETP ST101-1000-25-F 1" 300-1000 222-738 99 6.4 142.70 364 8433231002
ETP ST101-1500-25-F 1" 450-1500 332-1106 47 8.8 196.22 402 8433232152
ETP ST101-2000-38-F 1½” 600-2000 442-1475 38 11.5 256.42 454 8433232202
ETP ST101-3000-38-F 1½” 900-3000 665-2212 24 14.8 330.01 476 8433232302
ETP ST101-4000-38-F 1½” 1200-4000 885-2950 20 15 334.47 481 8433232402
ETP ST101-1300-20-F-HA  3/4" 390-1300 287-958 65 6.4 142.70 348 8433231303
ETP ST101-2400-25-F-HA 1" 720-2400 530-1770 31 7.5 167.23 400 8433232603
ETP ST101-3400-25-F-HA 1" 1020-3400 752-2505 23 9.1 202.91 412 8433233403
ETP ST101-4000-25-F-HA-2 1" 1200-4000 885-2950 20 9.1 202.91 412 8433234003
ETP ST101-5500-38-F-HA 1½” 1650-5500 1216-4055 17 13.2 294.33 452 8433232503
ETP ST101-6500-38-F-HA 1½” 1950-6500 1438-4795 12 13.2 294.33 452 8433232703
ETP ST101-8000-38-F-HA 1½” 2400-8000 1770-5900 10 13.2 294.33 452 8433232803
Tool Drive Unit PFXC  with license n/a n/a n/a n/a 11.2 24.69 440 8436180050
Tool Drive Unit PF6000 n/a n/a n/a n/a 10.8 23.81 316 8436180002

If you would like to see the Tensor Revo or any of the tool drive units in action, please fill out the details below and we will contact you to arrange a FREE live onsite demo or live digital demo.

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