PowerMACS 4000
PULSOR FOCUS 4000-C-PB-HW product photo
PowerMACS 4000 is an advanced process control and monitoring system for fixtured system. The controller supports a zero-fault production philosophy with its capacity to collect tightening data for analysis, continuous improvement and traceability. Intuitive monitoring and communication capabilities combined with optimal process control helps operation minimize costs, increase quality and to improve throughput. Country of origin is SE. Customs tariff is 85371091
PULSOR FOCUS 4000-C-PB-HW product photo


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Easy to install and maintain
Direct information to settings and results
Custom Control Solutions with embedded PLC
Easy and intuitive programming
DynaTorkTM eliminates relaxation problems


One controller for complete range
Integrated display
Embedded hardware PLC
Embedded hardware PLC
Integrated E-stop relays
Patented tightening strategies
Reject management