STPad Data Collector
STpad (PX501) product photo
STpad Data Collector is the core device in QA Platform 4.0 and can be used with IRC-Connect, STwrench Torque Wrench or STbench seamlessly, moving from one to another. It’s the ideal solution for residual torque checks, showing high level torque and angle trace details. STpad can receive real time instructions from QA Supervisor software, or work in stand-alone mode. The STpad is equipped with embedded 2D barcode reader and camera that integrates with any quality process management. An optional docking station makes it fast to program using PC screen and keyboard like a normal computer.
Country of origin is TW. Customs tariff is 90319000

Technical Specifications

Battery information
Rated voltage
100-240 VAC V
Type of battery
1 Li-ion
Weight of battery
548 g
Battery capacity
97.2 Wh
Material contains a battery
Certifications, standards & directives
5 - Small equipment <50cm


Powerful performance
Reduced operator errors
Reduced training cost
No external software needed for programming
One device for all quality checks


Large touch screen display
Rugged and Industrial design
Picture guidance
Real time wireless communication
Clear operation instructions
Quick programming mode
PF6000 or PF4000 auto calibration
Bluetooth communication