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Self-piercing rivet tape feed system

Motor vehicle lightweight car body joining made easy

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Henrob self-pierce rivet setter with tape feed

Used for high volume production in automated environments, this self-pierce rivet setting system offers a reliable, robust, and cost-effective method of automatically feeding fasteners. The tape feed system offers the fastest method of feeding rivets to a rivet setter: total cycle time of setting a rivet and feeding the next rivet into position can be as little as 1.2 seconds, compared with 3 to 4 seconds for conventional blow feed systems. These systems are ideal for body-in-white production including car body frames, pillars, doors and hoods, and for add-ons including sunroofs. 

System components

Control Panel

Optional capacitor module recovers electrical energy during the riveting cycle.

Henrob rivet setter control panel

Energy reclamation option available

Suitable for standard system layouts and multi-communication protocols, the control panel offers a solution that fits your production line. The control panel includes a touch screen HMI, process monitoring, system diagnosis and maintenance scheduling to keep your processes running smoothly.

Data driven services

Monitor your performance

Henrob Toolsnet laptop for self-pierce riveting

Monitor up to 20 control panels

Data-driven services (DDS) optimize processes by tracing riveted joints with data-logging and system diagnostics providing detailed performance data on your production line aiding in maintenance resource allocation. System back-up allows rapid upload of system data to support emergencies.

Rivet supply

Poka-yoke and re-usable spool options

SPR Henrob self-pierce rivet spool

Poka-yoke and re-usable spool options

  • Cardboard or plastic recyclable rivet spools hold 4,000 to 10,000 rivets depending on rivet size.
  • Optional poka-yoke solution where the center hub is configured with a mechanical key to prevent incorrect rivets from being loaded to a tool.
  • Re-usable plastic spools are available for applications where a return loop permits economic recycling and refill.

Henrob Die Check Camera

Eliminates concern of using worn dies to ensure quality joint

Henrob self-pierce riveting die inspection camera

Check die conditions during the riveting process

The die inspection camera gives you the ability to confirm viability of dies vital to your joining process. Used between cycles, this 0.5sec check gives you assurance the die will be secure the next time you use the setting equipment. The camera can be mounted on the fill station or be on an independent stand.

Henrob Die Changer

Boosts process flexibility and lowers cost with fewer tools for more joints

Henrob self-pierce riveting die changer

More processes performed at one station

The correct die is automatically chosen for each joint without anyone entering an automated cell. The dies are in poka-yoke packaging, preventing errors. Broken dies are detected, disposed, and exchanged automatically with a transfer time for exchanging a die at only 4.5 seconds.

Self-piercing rivet tape feed system


  • Servo riveting technology
  • Real-time process monitoring
  • Super-fast cycle times
  • 100% duty cycle
  • High technical availability


  • Data-driven service functionality
  • Multi-die changing
  • Die camera inspection
  • Tool changing functionality
  • Poka-yoke rivet supply

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