New sustainable and mobile compressed air solution.

Our E-Air range, of which three units are powered by VSD technology, is ideal for … virtually all oil lubricated compressed air applications. Do you have a stable power supply available on site? Plug in the E-Air to get the compressed air flowing. No emissions, low noise levels, and plug-and-play. Take the E-Air anywhere!

Benefits of E-Renting

There are many benefits to electric compressors. They are quieter, require less maintenance, and no fuel top-ups. Moreover, with an electric-drive compressor, you have absolutely no exhaust, which benefits your employees, facility as well as the environment. In more densely populated areas, where emissions and noise pollution from construction sites need to be reduced dramatically, the E-Air range is precisely what you need.

  • Low pressure: E-Air H250 VSD and E-Air H450 VSD
  • Medium pressure: E-Air T900
  • High pressure: E-Air V1100 VSD

New in the famil-E

The newest addition to the E-Air range, the E-Air V1100 VSD is also available for offshore applications. In many cases, a steady power supply isn’t available when working at sea, but when it is, go electric! It’s one less running engine, which lowers emissions and noise pollution. It also drastically reduces service and maintenance costs.

The V1100 VSD has a working pressure range of 5 to 14 bar(g) – 72 – 200 Psi(g). And its free air delivery is 36,4 to 22,54m³/min – 1286 to 795 cfm. 

E-asy to control

The three E-Air VSD’s are equipped with PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) technology, an electronic pressure regulation system. You select the pressure in the compressor’s controller, your application dictates the flow, and the PACE controller locks in and regulates the perfect combination. Setting the pressure is a matter of 3 clicks – and you can choose a pressure at increments of 0.1 bar.

The PACE controller can deliver additional flow at lower pressure settings. When the load goes down, PACE fine-tunes the motor speed accordingly, which saves energy... and money.

The beating heart of the E-Air VSD compressors is a variable speed drive, permanent magnet motor. This electric motor achieves unrivaled efficiency benefits and very low noise levels. The integrated permanent magnet motors are an in-house Atlas Copco development, ruggedized for outdoor applications.  This motor has its windings potted in resin, so it’s completely closed off against water and dust (IP 66).

The T900, a conventional fixed-speed compressor, runs at a fixed pressure level, delivering a corresponding maximal flow rate. Compared to its traditional counterparts, the T900 is up to 50% smaller, 33% lighter, and can reduce costs by 50%. Like the PACE controller, the XC2003 controller allows for ease of operation.

Complete E-Range

With these four E-Air compressors, Atlas Copco Rental can now offer a complete electric-driven range of mobile air compressors. From low to high pressure. Ensuring not only the highest productivity and operational efficiency, ensuring you remain on target when it comes to your sustainability goals.

Sustainability is not a trend; it is a driver. That’s why, when it comes to electric-driven equipment, Atlas Copco Rental has been at the forefront of innovation for years. Thanks to significant progress in electric motor, power electronics, and related technologies, Atlas Copco Rental is the temporary solutions provider that can offer customers an electric-driven option for any application.

When choosing to rent from Atlas Copco Rental, you can rely on the most cutting-edge technologies in the form of safe, reliable, and energy-efficient Temporary Solutions. With future-proof sustainable equipment available in our fleet today, you can meet your own sustainability goals and ambitions and continue to decrease your carbon footprint. Even when you have to rely on temporary equipment. 

Tom Wouters

Product Marketing Manager - Atlas Copco Specialty Rental Division

New sustainable and mobile compressed air solution.

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