IGS Europe chooses 100% oil-free and dry air for smooth surface preparation and cladding of coal boilers

March 6, 2019

HVTS (High Velocity Thermal Spray) Cladding application process requires high-pressure oil-free air.

Atlas Copco Rental Romania - IGS Europe project

Atlas Copco Rental Romania - IGS Europe project

Czech-based IGS Europe is a client of Atlas Copco Rental in many countries.

Many Pulverized Coal Boilers in Power Plants need a highly reliable erosion and corrosion protection system. IGS Europe provides on-site protective cladding applications to arrest erosion during regular outages of boilers. In a first stage, IGS would grit blast the part of the furnace to make sure the surface is properly prepared for the next stage during which it will be clad with high alloy materials.

The company frequently rents oil-free air compressors and dryers for a period of 1 to 30 days to execute short-term projects in Europe.

IGS is a provider of innovative surface protection solutions and delivers the most state-of-the-art High Velocity Thermal Spray protective cladding. Grit blasting is a very popular method to remove salts and other impurities to clean a surface before the HVTS cladding process. During a grit blasting process, you blow a mixture of high-pressure air and an abrasive medium onto the surface that needs cleaning with a blast nozzle and “shots.” These shots can be small steel balls, silicon carbide granules, sand, soda, CO2, … depending on the material to be removed, production rate and desired finish. For example, the Mexican colleagues of Atlas Copco Rental have rented out an oil-free air compressor for ice-blasting to carefully restore an iconic monument. For the grit blasting of the boiler’s furnace hoppers, alumina grit and oil-free air are used to remove scale and rust from the surface. Two important success factors ensured an optimal result of this process:

  1. Correct air pressure and flow are the most important factor in abrasive blasting.
  2. Oil-free air is vital because of its purity. It guarantees seamless HVTS process afterwards as there is no chance that oil (even if it is a limited amount of oil) will contaminate the surface and IGS proprietary corrosion resistant alloy. This could affect the bonding of the cladding on the surface which can result in inferior long term performance.

Atlas Copco Rental provides us with high-quality air like a great and integral part of our HVTS application process. The service technicians are available 24/7 and supported the installation and decommissioning of the installation to the fullest.

Ondřej Jašek , Project Manager at IGS Europe

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