SpeedROC 1F

Surface drill rig for marble, granite, sandstone and limestone in the dimension stone industry

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Boost your productivity

Tailor-made for the dimension stone industry

With a low Total Cost of Ownership, high drilling capacity and a drilling speed up to 2 m/min, this rig is perfectly suited for operations in the dimension stone industry.

Parallel and straight holes means high quality output

Great rig stability and guide rails will ensure perfectly aligned and straight holes in every operation.

High drilling capacity means excellent productivity

Features like anti-jamming system, guide rails and 3-way steering ensures high quality output and excellent productivity.

Product description

SpeedROC 1F is a high quality, high capacity hydraulic tophammer drill rig for the dimension stone industry. This compact, four-wheel drive rig, is tailor-made for marble, granite and sandstone quarries. It is capable of drilling exceptionally straight, vertical as well as horizontal holes. Combining the rig’s stability with an anti-jamming system and guide rails, ensures holes are parallel to each other and perfectly aligned. Thanks to its high production capacity and low fuel consumption, the rig assures a very low total cost of ownership. The rig is equipped with a cable remote control as an option which allows safe operating conditions.

Quick facts

Datos técnicos

Área de aplicación principal

Dimension stone industry

Método de perforación


Tamaño del martillo/martillo en fondo


Diámetro del barreno

33 mm - 52 mm

Profundidad máxima de barreno

9 m


82 kW



Capacidad de aire (FAD)

22 l/s


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.
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