Personnel working with screed control at worksite

Outstanding performance

Homogeneous, reliable and precise result every time!


Dynapac‘s screed is world renowned, particularly for its unmatched stability resulting from our proven four guiding tube principle. Our screeds do not need any supporting rods, making them easy to assemble on site, so improving your operation‘s efficiency. Dynapac‘s telescopic guiding tubes ensure perfect alignment of the screed sections to guarantee you the greatest stability across the full working width of up to 9,70m. The guiding tubes only extend to 50% of their maximum length, even at maximum working width, giving you twice the stability.


Flexibility is key to respond effectively to the changing, and increasingly demanding, working conditions in road construction. Dynapac’s screed range offers working widths from 0,3m to 4m, each with the choice of gas or electrical heating. Assembly times are kept to a minimum by using easy to connect extension boxes in a wide range of sizes to match the needs of your jobsite.

Quality for longer life

Dynapac uses only high end materials in production to ensure the longest lifetime regardless of application conditions. Whether laying asphalt, mineral mix, roller compacted concrete (RCC) or gravel our screed is up to the job. Our bottom plates are standardized with Hardox 500, abrasion resistant steel with a nominal hardness of
500HBW. Along with the thickness of 16mm we ensure the long lifetime and low cost of maintenance.

Front view of Dynapac V240V and V240TV
Vario screeds
  • Dynapac vario screeds are the most stable and flexible screeds on the market. They cover a wide range of application challenges in asphalt paving.