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Preventive maintenance

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Interested in cutting costs and improving quality?

Take a look at our Preventive Maintenance (PM) programs for your Atlas Copco industrial power tools. Your savings will depend on whether you have line assembly or fixed stations, tool types used, and other factors. PM once a year is usually enough for low intensity production. High intensity production with critical joints requires a customized PM program.

We use Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) which detects each station’s characteristics, i.e., tool type, torque used, production rate, joint type, etc. Using this data we balance maintenance costs against the operational cost of a failure and create the optimum maintenance program for your production operation. RCM is increasingly used with pneumatic as well as electric tools.

An engine plant with high intensity production evaluated three different maintenance strategies: Repairs only = 32% tool failures/year Standard interval PM = 13% tool failures/year RCM based PM = 2% tool failures/year

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