Atlas Copco Rental Europe supplies equipment for raising of Costa Concordia

ANTWERP, Belgium - September 24, 2013 – A year after the Italian cruise liner capsized, the Costa Concordia has been lifted from the rocks at Giglio Island. Atlas Copco Rental Europe took part in this delicate operation by supplying air and energy on board. It was the first time engineers tried to lift such a huge ship - over 290 m or three football fields long - so close to land.

24 de septiembre de 2013

Atlas Copco Rental involved in entire salvage process After the Concordia accident, Rosario Siddivò, Operation Manager in Italy for Atlas Copco Rental Europe, immediately took action. Thanks to his long experience in the construction sector, Rosario was able to rent Atlas Copco Rental QAS generators and XAHS compressors to supply air and energy during every step of the Concordia salvage. The removal of the Concordia wreck is being done in five stages:
  • Holdback system and stabilization
  • Underwater support and portside sponsons or caissons (reservoirs that are filled with water to stabilize the ship)
  • The parbuckling (lifting the ship from the rocks)
  • Starboard sponsons
  • Refloating

Parbuckling: extremely delicate Especially the parbuckling or lifting the Concordia from the rocks was an extremely delicate operation. Giant cables were attached to underwater platforms. A pulling machine then slowly rolled the ship upright helped by the weight of caissons, metal boxes filled with water attached to the side of the ship. On September 17, 19 hours after the parbuckling started, the Concordia was freed from the rocks. Salvage continues The coming months the wreck will be stabilized by installing caissons on the starboard side and the refloating of the ship. The tracking of the ship will only take place next year. Until then Atlas Copco Rental units will be there to supply air and energy.

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