Keeping the pipeline flowing downstream

20 de enero de 2021

Emergency oil-free air for integrated petroleum plant

Downstream processing only adds value when it’s actually flowing downstream. But that added value can quickly evaporate. For instance, when a transformer failure creates a figurative and literal bottleneck in the pipeline that delivers your product to your packaging warehouses! Such was the calamity that hit our customer’s polypropylene plant late one night. Fortunately, Atlas Copco Rental’s local team rose to the challenge and designed, delivered, and commissioned a fully customized back-up system less than 24 hours later. 

Not your average Friday night

The call came through on a Friday night. The blower that transported polypropylene resin to our customer’s packaging warehouses was down. The risk of a catastrophe due to the resultant build-up of resin in the system was growing by the hour. And in the absence of a viable and immediate alternative, the only solution would be to shut down production entirely – which would have had its own catastrophic consequences! And so Amelia Hany Kang and her team put a plan in motion to get oil-free air flowing back into the customer’s system less than 24 hours later.

Rapid response, 24/7

Meeting the shortfall in the customer’s blower system required a solution capable of delivering a peak flow of 4000cfm of air at 1.2 bar. And safeguarding the quality of their product meant ensuring that air was extremely dry and 100% oil free. Our team therefore designed a flexible and modular package comprising 2 PTS 1600 and 1 PTS 800 Atlas Copco oil-free compressors together with an array of desiccant dryers, manifolds, and other accessories. 

We immediately mobilised our fleet to get all units on the road the very same night. Despite the 600km distance, the entire package was delivered by 8 am on Saturday morning. And our team of operators completed the installation, testing and commissioning shortly after.

Amelia Hany Kang

Thinking with the customer

Our customer originally requested a temporary back-up transformer to replace the one that was out of service. Our in-house engineers, however, calculated that it would be considerably more cost-effective to use autonomous air compressors rather than a back-up transformer to get the pipeline back up and running. As well as being most cost-effective, the solution gave our customer the flexibility to perform maintenance to their compressor park as well as carry out repairs to their transformer. 

Saving money and saving face

Any interruption to our customer’s production would have been costly. But the subsequent damage to their reputation when failing to fulfil their own customers’ orders could have far worse and far longer-lasting consequences. Needless to say, they appreciated a partner who shared their focus on the bigger picture and the bottom line.

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