Software solutions

Software and programming are offered with complete system


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At Atlas Copco Industrial Technique we create value for our customers with world-class innovative technologies and solutions for manufacturing. Products built to last, long-term thinking, ergonomics and quality – a responsible company working for a sustainable future.



Monitoring, error-proofing, data collection, trace reporting

Software solutions

Software Solutions including software and programming are offered with complete system. Application solutions include many options utilizing software including operator guidance, advanced process control and monitoring, error-proofing, data collection, trace reporting, and event logging programs.

Position Recognition System

The PRS offers high-level process security for applications that range from simple to complex. The system incorporated the functionality of a Power Focus 4000 or Power MACS 4000 tightening system with position control. A standard application includes: low-volume, high-value component assembly, repairs stations and flexible assembly cells.

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