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Herramientas y Soluciones Industriales
Herramientas y Soluciones Industriales
Herramientas y Soluciones Industriales
Herramientas y Soluciones Industriales
Herramientas y Soluciones Industriales
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Advanced control and monitoring

The LZ comes with the Atlas Copco Mk 5 already built in to give you advanced electronic control and monitoring. The one-touch controller is easy to use, optimizing both performance and reliability

High reliability

With an operational lifetime of 20,000 hours, the LZ is a long-term companion. Because the LZ doesn’t use any oil, it will last longer with only minimal service

Absolutely oil-free air

The LZ’s ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certified pump produces unquestionably clean air

High energy efficiency

The direct driven LZ comes with a number of innovations like a one-bearing motor, load/stop technology… to reduce energy consumption to an impressive minimum

Quiet operation

Thanks to its sound-insulating canopy, the LZ achieves noise levels as low as 67 db(A), allowing installation to be close to the point of use

Zero-compromise oil-free piston compressor

Piston compressors have always presented a compelling offer: robust, low maintenance and energy efficient. However, this strong performance typically came with high noise levels and few control options. The Atlas Copco LZ eliminates this trade-off. As one of the most complete oil-free piston compressor on the market, the LZ meets all your compressed air needs and then some. The LZ oil-free piston compressors come with a full range with:

  • different power options: 7- 10 hp
  • pressure levels: 4 - 10 bar
  • electric potential options: 230 / 400 / 460V

Need nitrogen? Add the LZ

Are you a frequent user of nitrogen? The Atlas Copco LZ is the high performance, cost-saving foundation of your nitrogen generation system. The oil-free LZ doesn’t require additional filtration equipment that’s why they give you:
• a more compact footprint
• lower maintenance
• minimized downtime

LZ Technical Specifications

Capacidad FAD (l/s)

1.02 l/s - 2.53 l/s

Capacidad FAD

0.06 m³/h - 0.12 m³/h

Presión de trabajo

0 bar(e) - 0 bar(e)

Potencia instalada del motor

0.55 kW - 1.5 kW

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