Diesel power generators

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Enchufar. Iluminar. Trabajar.

Multiple HiLight towers can be connected at the same time, powered by a single portable generator.

Rain? Shine?

Guaranteed power all the time! The QES range is ready to withstand whatever the elements can throw at it.

¿Cuál es el coste de no disponer de suministro eléctrico?

QIS generators provide peace of mind in many different applications where reliable power is needed. From critical stand-by to stationary prime or peak shaving.

Better together!

The advanced paralleling capabilities of the QAS range enable you to build a modular system in minutes!

Your need for constant, guaranteed power is critical. You can be assured that our generators provide efficiency, predictability and peace-of-mind – empowering your work with an uninterrupted power supply.

We have dedicated representatives in over 180 countries. The depth and knowledge of this network, coupled with our product expertise, makes us the “go-to” partner for thousands of critical power projects across the globe.

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¿Busca un sistema fiable de suministro eléctrico ininterrumpido? Descubra cuál es el generador que se adapta a sus necesidades.

Specialised rental

QAS up to 630 kVA

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Generadores transportables diésel

QES up to 500 kVA

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Generadores diésel en contenedor

-specialised rental-

QAC up to 1250kVA

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Generadores diésel en contenedor

QEC up to 1250 kVA

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Generadores industriales

QIS up to 2250kVA

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Generadores transportables

Generadores transportables: QEP, P e iP hasta 12 kVA

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  • QAS generator leaflet english 1.5 MB, PDF
  • QES generator leaflet English 2 MB, PDF
  • QAC range leaflet english 363.6 kB, PDF
  • Containerized diesel generators: QEC range brochure 338.4 kB, PDF
  • industrial generator leaflet english 1.5 MB, PDF
  • Portable generator leaflet English 1.4 MB, PDF

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