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Freedom to regulate to a specific pressure or flow

The Drillair XVRS 1000+

The Drillair XVRS 1000+

Atlas Copco’s DrillAirXpert™ regulating system allows the operator the freedom to regulate a specific operating pressure or flow. The unit offers a truly variable pressure system; pressure settings range from 305 to 508 psi, with the flow automatically adjusted by the controller. The flow control function will allow you to call for a specific SCFM, and the machine will regulate the back pressure to maintain that specific flow, allowing greater control of your drill. Eliminating all pneumatic regulating lines not only improves fuel and air efficiency by more than 3%, it also provides trouble-free, coldweather operation.

Maximize return on investment

The Xc4003 controller

The Xc4003 controller

The versatility of DrillAirXpertTM and the Xc4003 controller gives provides flexibility to tune your machine to a wider range of applications. The machine will Match the air flow with the desired operating pressure to maximize output and keep the engine as fuel efficient as possible. Utilization and ROI are maximized with the adaptability of this machine over a traditional compressor.

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