Dynapac PL1000 compact planer, milling

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The key goal for road maintenance is to provide the best road conditions for safe and comfortable driving in all weather. Cold planers are designed to remove asphalt and concrete pavement in layers by a rotating milling drum.


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Dynapac PL350

    The Dynapac PL350 is the smallest model of a new generation of compact planers from Dynapac. The three-wheel cold planer is specially developed for partial repairs of asphalt and concrete pavements and removing of surfaces in buildings. The compact planer with hydraulical drum drive is capable of removing concrete and asphalt across a cutting width of 350 mm at a maximum cutting depth of 100 mm.

  • Max cutting width : 350 mm
  • Transport mass : 3,400 kg
  • Operating mass : 3,700 kg
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