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High pressure Boil Off Gas (BOG) Compressor

Experience over 98% reliability and availability with six stages of compression mounted on a single gearbox and skid. Atlas Copco Gas and Process' longstanding experience in integrally-geared technology can now offer lower CAPEX and OPEX costs in high pressure BOG applications.

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Compresseur avec réducteur intégré

En tant que conception la plus efficace et la plus compacte sur le marché, la technologie de réducteur intégré offre une capacité de régime variable pour que chaque étage de compression fonctionne à vitesse optimale, offrant ainsi le meilleur rendement possible.

Dry gas seals

Utilizing dry gas seals on each stage - A technology pioneered by Atlas Copco Gas and Process - enables the BOG compressor to achieve over 98% reliability while reducing the amount of methane emitted into the environment.

Lower CAPEX and OPEX

By mounting all six stages on a single bull gear, the BOG compressor offers lower CAPEX and OPEX costs versus conventional BOG handling technologies.

Adapting integrally-geared technology to high pressure BOG applications

Atlas Copco Gas and Process has over 50 years of experience designing integrally-geared compressors (IGC) for the LNG market. Using our experience in low pressure BOG handling and fuel gas boosting, we were able to apply IGC technology to high pressure BOG handling.

Compared to traditional high pressure BOG technology, the inherent design of an IGC offers significant CAPEX and OPEX savings. CAPEX costs are reduced due to the BOG compressor mounting six process stages – both cryogenic and warm – on a single gearbox and skid. This reduces size and the need for multiple machines to manage your process.

OPEX reductions are the result of the inherent efficiency of the IGC design. Sharing a single bull gear, each stage is custom-engineered to run at the proper speed. This, along with precisely designed impellers maximize efficiency to keep your operating costs manageable.

With more than 8,000 integrally-geared reference units globally, we used our experience in the low pressure BOG and fuel gas boosting applications to adapt dry gas seals (DGS) on each stage of the high pressure BOG unit. DGS – a technology pioneered by Atlas Copco Gas and Process - offer the lowest seal leakage rates in the industry. This leads to a more efficient process and less methane emitted into the environment. 

Caractéristiques techniques du produit

Données de performance

Plage de débit d'entrée réelle

250 m³/h - 500 000 m³/h

Pression de décharge maximum

205 bar(a)

Pression d'aspiration maximum

0,98 bar(a)

Puissance requise CH

45 000 HP

Types de joint

labyrinth, carbon ring, dry-gas seal

Étapes (min./max.)

1 - 8

Température d'aspiration

-165 °C - 400 °C

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