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B7 booster

Diesel driven oil injected booster - Suitable for both Air and Nitrogen applications

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Automatic load and unload valve

Reliable piston compression system

Superior valve seals

Easy control and monitoring

Automatic high temperature/pressure shutdown system

Suitable for Air and N2 applications

Small footprint... light weight!

Our in-house pumper block design allows for a unique set-up of all booster components, greatly impacting the footprint of the high pressure booster. Even a 4.4m2 booster can boost gas up to 69 bar.

This small footprint limits transportation costs as both the booster and feed air compressor can be combined on one trailer. With the weight as low as 2950 kg, even demanding offshore applications experience no limitations. Standard forklift slots and lifting eyes further improve maneuverability once on site.

Gradual build up of the pressure

Our boosters increase pressure ratio of air or nitrogen by approximately factor 2,7 and 2,9 per compression stage (up to 3 stages available). The integrated fuel tank autonomy further improves ease of use. Finally, the bypass system allows you to connect the primary compressor to the pipeline before activating the booster; allowing you to gradually build up pressure in the target application.

Xc4004 Smart air controller

Through the new Xc4004 Smart air controller, the required output pressure can easily be defined with a touch of the button. You determine the pressure, while your application dictates the flow. For example in a drilling application, drilling speed can efficiently be increased, reducing the cost per meter drilled and improving your overall profitability.

In addition, the modular design of our dual stage boosters, allow you to change from dual to single stage, increasing the utilization rate of your investment to fit various requirements.

  B7 - 41/1000 B7 - 42/2000
Maxiumum Inlet Suction Presssure 350 psig / 24 bar 325 psig / 22 barg
Maximum Outlet Pressure 1000 psig / 69 bar 2000 psig / 137.9 barg
Max Capacity @ 350 psig suction 2602 cfm / 74 m3/m 1211 cfm / 34 m3/m

Download the full datasheet: