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Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
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Thanks to Sofstart you keep the chisel point where you want it. The two-step trigger helps out with first critical cuts.


The air cushion system has basically removed metal-tometal contacts. The piston only turns on air cushions at both ends of the cylinder.

Save you ears

The effective silencer makes work easier. All our products meet the European noise emission directive.

HAPS makes it happen

Vibro-reduction means that talented workers can work longer, without reaching harmful vibration levels.

Get a grip

A screw cap retainer provides comfortable grip.

Larger models

Larger models such as the TEX 09 PS, 10 PS and 12 PS are the Swiss army knifes of pneumatic hammers, designed to handle everything from soft/medium materials like brick to tough concrete.

Technical specifications

Détails techniques

Type de marteau


Version du marteau



12 kg


500 mm

Consommation d'air

18,5 l/s

Fréquence de frappe

1 800 blows/min

Seuil de vibrations 3 axes (ISO 28927-10)

16,1 m/s²

Niveau sonore garanti (2000/14/CE)

105 dB(A)

Niveau de pression sonore (ISO 11203)

93 Lp. dB(A)

Dispositif de retenue d'outil

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