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Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
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Fuel efficiency


Luminosity with a 20 lux (brightness)


Life expectancy

Fuel efficiency

0,7 l/h

Hardhat canopy

Providing great value for end users and rental partners

Spillage Free Frame

Match any site requirements

Transport efficiency

16 units in a 13 metre truck

Extra safety features

The light tower has a manual vertical mast


5.000 m2 with a 20 lux (brightness)

Fuel saving light tower

The HiLight V5+ offers significant fuels savings of up to 60% when compared to the typical fuel consumption of 6kW Metal Halide solution, creating industry leading competitive advantage.

Safety first

The extended safety features give users complete peace of mind, even in the most demanding conditions. The light towers can be transported with their masts in a vertical position, enabling safer transportation and installation. As a result, it is possible to transport up to 20 units on a single truck, while eliminating the time-consuming and costly problem of bulbs being broken during the shipping process.

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