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Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
Equipements d'alimentation en énergie
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LZB Standard

With eight motor sizes, a wide range of gear combinations there is a LZB model that match your application requirements.


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LZB Standard

This is the most comprehensive range of air motors we offer. With the vast number of different gear versions one is likely to find a motor that fits most application. The standard LZL can be found in most applications globally. With a body in aluminum and nitrocarurated steel for good corrosion resistance, high precision cut gears and high quality seals the LZL is designed to meet the toughest requirements on durability, productivity as well as controllability.

The eight models we have in the LZB Standard range are basically a split of the available almost 250 versions depending on their power/size. From the smallest 0,11 kW (0,15 hp) to the strongest 2,8 kw (3,75 hp) the following versions are available:

  • Rotation – Clockwise rotation, Anti clockwise rotation and Reversible

  • Shaft – keyed or threaded are our standard versions

  • LZB Standard    
    LZB14-L Power  0,11-0,16 kW (0,15-0,21 hp)
      Speed  250-9100 rpm at max output
      Torque  4,8-0,15 Nm at max output
    LZB22-L Power  0,16-0,27 kW (0,21-0,36 hp)
      Speed  160-9600 rpm at max output
      Torque  11,8-0,24 Nm at max output
    LZB33-L Power  0,24-0,39 kW (0,32-0,52 hp)
      Speed  7-9400 rpm at max output
      Torque  349-0,34 Nm at max output
    LZB42 Power  0,50-0,71 kW (0,67-0,95 hp)
      Speed  19-10000 rpm at max output
      Torque  272-0,63 Nm at max output
    LZB46 Power  0,59-0,84 kW (0,79-1,13 hp)
      Speed  20-10800 rpm at max output
      Torque  299-0,71 Nm at max output
    LZB54 Power 0,79-1,20 kW (1,06-1,61 hp)
      Speed  47-10000 rpm at max output
      Torque  161-1,15 Nm at max output
    LZB66 Power  1,41-1,87 kW (1,89-2,51 hp)
      Speed  50-8200 rpm at max output
      Torque  308-1,9 Nm at max output
    LZB77 Power  2,25-2,80 kW (3,15-3,75 hp)
      Speed  80-1280 rpm at max output
      Torque 332-18 Nm at max output

    For complete detailed technical information on the products, please download our Air Motor Catalog here below.

    In addition to the motors we offer several options, such as mounting flanges that makes the installation easier / faster / more flexible. We have vane kits for all models both for operations without lubrication (oil free air) and vane kits that needs lubrication. What to choose depends on the application, here the vanes can be changed if the application/requirements do change. Also various silencers can be ordered together with the motor to reduce the noise level.
    Note there are also a large range of Stainless Steel LZB, as well as motors with built in Brake, please see the respective chapter to learn more.

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