Low speed and low torque LZB

For applications where low speed is requested


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Low speed and low torque LZB motors

For applications where low speed is required there are two sizes designed for this purpose. Both are available in steel/aluminum or in Stainless Steel. All versions are reversible and comes with a keyed shaft.

Note: Maximum permitted torque is 9 Nm (6,6 lf-ft) respectively 14 Nm (13,3 lb-ft). The reason for this limitation is that the gear box will be overloaded if this torque is exceeded.

For detailed technical information on the products, please click/download on our Air Motor Catalog here below.

In addition to the motors we offer several options such as mounting flanges that makes the installation easier / faster / more flexible. We have vane kits for all models both for operations without lubrication (oil free air) and vane kits that needs lubrication. What to choose depends on the application, here the vanes can be changed if the application/requirements do change. Also various silencers can be ordered together with the motor to reduce the noise level.

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