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6 mars 2017

Atlas Copco claims to develop some of the most fuel-efficient drill rigs in the industry. To put its premium SmartROC drill rigs to the test, an experiment was designed. Could a SmartROC T40 set a new industry record in its class and drill 100 meters...

20 septembre 2016

Easer, the Atlas Copco mobile raiseboring rig, operates in the same way as a traditional raiseborer, drilling both upwards and downwards, but can be easily moved to wherever it is needed in the mine. The rig is wheel mounted, making it exceptionally ...

10 juin 2016

Nous vous présentons le Powerbit T51. Cette gamme de taillants offre les mêmes caractéristiques qui ont fait le succès du Powerbit T45. La forme du taillant est optimisée, son corps en acier est plus robuste et la technologie de traitement de surface...

9 mai 2016

Atlas Copco launches its first battery driven product within the mining and underground segment. When it comes to safety for its operators, the Scooptram ST7 Battery has been developed to meet and exceed environmental standards and modern mining safe...

4 février 2016

Le nouveau SmartROC D60 d'Atlas Copco relève la plupart des défis de forage de surface

15 janvier 2016

Atlas Copco has raised the bar in the field of telematics with its new machine monitoring system, Certiq. The system provides real-time data, helping equipment owners and operators to ensure that their machines always perform to the best of their abi...

15 janvier 2016

Atlas Copco is taking proactive maintenance to the next level with the launch of its successful RigScan service for European drill rig owners and operators.